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Re: Torres article

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  • billbarrisles
    ... this question. Does he blame the Islanders for not giving him better linemates, Does he say he should have been called up to play against Toronto in the
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      > This is why I was always a big fan of Raffi. Look how he answers
      this question. Does he blame the Islanders for not giving him better
      linemates, Does he say he should have been called up to play against
      Toronto in the playoffs instead of Trent Hunter, does he say
      Laviolette didn't give him enough minutes? He could have complained
      about all three of those things and had a fair case but he took the
      high road and blamed it on himself, saying that he should have scored
      more and played so well that the Islanders wouldn't want to trade him.
      I wish more players were like him. Torres might be the first ex-
      Islander I have ever rooted for after they were traded. Who knows,
      maybe one day the Islanders can get him back.>>>>

      I felt he was honest and was asked some questions you usually do
      not see put to an AHL player about how the NHL team treated him and
      he as honest and did a good job. I thought all the former Oilers part
      who come to Edmonton and do well was a little unfair, but this was
      from the Oilers people.

      > Q: Last name, and I have to ask? Mike Milbury.

      > A: I never really had any problems with Mike. He had to make a lot
      of decisions when I was there and one of those was to get rid of me.
      I didn't really give him any reason to keep me because I wasn't
      scoring goals or I wasn't up there helping out. He had to do what
      was best for his team at that point and he did it, that's why he's a

      The thing we kept going back to here on our list last year in camp
      was that for a kid to make the Islanders (or most any team) he has to
      give the team no reason to send him down. I felt he did that last
      fall, but apparently he did not think he was scoring enough for the
      Isles or when he was back in Bridgeport. The label he was given as a
      third line player I thought was unfair because it came from Alan Hahn
      or Peter Botte and they do not cover the Tigers games on a Daily
      basis. And to be honest at this stage Raffi Torres cannot speak out
      about a general manager or anyone because people who make decisions
      do remember.

      ** Q: Do you feel more pressure on you because you were a top 5 draft
      pick, especially from the organization or the fans? **

      ** A: Well sure I do. A team takes you that high, I don't really
      think I gave anything to the Islanders and I'm really upset about
      that. They took a chance on me and, I won't say I didn't get the
      opportunity because if I was playing well and I was scoring than they
      would have kept me. If there's anything you can give in this game
      it's effort and hard work and as long as you bring that game in and
      game out then the real hockey fans will know it.***

      > Again Raffi practically apologizes for making the Islanders trade
      him. Yeah it's true he didn't live up to his billing as one of the
      top 5 picks of the 2000 draft, but any other player would have said I
      never got a fair chance or something like that, but not Raffi.>>>

      > It should be very interesting to see how Torres fits into the
      Edmonton system. The Oilers gave him a 1-way contract so he is
      practically guaranteed a spot on the roster opening night considering
      Edmonton's financial problems. Unlike Isbister who's skating style is
      a perfect fit for the Oiler style Raffi doesn't play like a typical
      Edmonton Oiler player though he does have better speed than he's
      given credit for.>>>

      Between Smyth, Isbister (at what he is making) and Torres with a
      one-way deal and their other left wingers that is going to be very
      interesting to watch. I would not bet against Torres beating out Izzy
      and some kind of deal happening if Izzy opens as a fourth liner again
      with his contract.

      Really good interview.

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