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  • chapin_landvogt@lionbridge.com
    ... Yeah, I would rather have Sulzer than Cherynikh. I thought Egener and Ramholt were the only 2nd rd defenseman who the Isles had to take with one of their
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
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      Kevin wrote:
      Yeah, I would rather have Sulzer than Cherynikh. I thought Egener and
      Ramholt were the only 2nd rd defenseman who the Isles had to take with one
      of their three 2nd rd'er if they were available, but they weren't...
      Before the draft I always thought Central Scouting's ranking of Chernikh
      4th for European Skaters was the most outlandish ranking. Now I try to
      think of it the other way that maybe Central Scouting was on to something,
      ranking him right behind Kastsitsyn

      Yep, we all need to hope that. Kallur seems to.

      , but who knows. Even as far as Russians I would rather have Mirnov and
      maybe Khomutov but Minnesota getting O'Sullivan at #56 is the steal of the
      2nd rd.

      I don't know what exactly cause O'Sullivan to drop so low, but he seems to
      have "the next Connelly" written all over him for some reason. I think
      he'll be better though, and if this kid ends up being Pat Lafontaine for
      Minnesota, lots of people will be wondering why so many teams passed on
      him as of the 25th pick. If I'm LA, I take him over Boyle, for example.

      Imagine if the Isles would have came away with a All Star Winger in
      Nilsson, a Power Forward/Power Center in Tunik, who is a Chris Gratton
      type,Patrick O'Sullivan, and then say get that defenseman we need in
      Alexander Sulzer at #58.

      Agreed, I would have liked that scenario. Don't know much about Colliton,
      but I was really hoping to see a Dman come out of the second round. You
      seem to be as high on Sulzer as I am.

      Look at what Nashville did, they got D Ryan Suter (#7)who was the first
      defenseman taken, got W Konstantin Glazachev at #35 who was considered a
      mid 1st rd'er by alot of scouts, D Kevin Klein at #37, a consensus late
      1st rd'er or the 6th best D-man available, D Shea Weber(49th) a consensus
      2nd rd'er, D Richard Stehlik(#76) who's a Wild Card 1st/2nd/3rd rd'er, D
      Alexander Sulzer(#92) who we were just talking about, Grigory
      Shafigulin(98), their 4th 3rd rd pick, who like Chernikh was a Russian
      forward who scouts were mixed about but some thought had a high ceiling,
      They got questionably 5 of the top 50 defenseman and still got their two
      good Russian forward prospects like the Islanders did. Jealous much? I am.


      For me, Nashville had hands down the best draft. The defense in the system
      is stocked, they picked up several offensive possibilities, brought in 3
      goaltenders and had a total of 13 picks for the hometown crowd to gawk at.
      Those five Dmen ALL have a better-than average chance of making it to the
      NHL at some point.

      San Jose also did well; Pittsburgh; L.A., Florida got Nathan Horton and
      Anthony Stewart who actually had a memorable fight where Horton got his
      jaw broke and struggled for the rest of the regular season and Stewart who
      made a bigger name for himself out of it. Then they got Stefan Meyer and
      Kamil Kreps in the 2nd rd; There's 4 pretty damn good forwards just like
      the Isles but I thought the Isles had good depth with Gervais, Blaho and

      Much remains to be seen, that I must say. I'm glad Blaho and Rehak are
      coming to the CHL. I just think that's good for their development,
      although Blaho was scheduled for regular duty next season in Slovakia's
      best league. Gervais sure looks interesting, but there must be a reason
      that he dropped so far despite having such good numbers, +/- and supposed
      leadership abilities. Next season will show us a lot. He COULD be the Q's
      highest scoring Dman.

      Let's see if this Isles draft class has a chance of measuring up to the
      99' draft class.
      That's alot to ask for.

      As usual, we'll have to wait for some time. Most likely a lockout will
      take place before any of these kids will even be close to NHL ready.


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