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Butch Goring's former team in Alaska for sale on Ebay

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  • billbarrisles
    Guess Butch was right to want to get out of there. He does not exactly have good luck when it comes to owners.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2002
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      Guess Butch was right to want to get out of there. He does not
      exactly have good luck when it comes to owners.

      June 29, 2002
      Aces re-listed on eBay
      WCHL club receives four offers, including $2 million bid

      Associated Press
      ANCHORAGE, Alaska.

      For the second time in a week, the financially strangled Anchorage
      Aces were listed for sale with eBay on Friday, a day after a $2.3-
      million bid turned out to be invalid.

      Within hours of its second listing, the minor league team had
      received four offers on the Internet auction site, including a $2-
      million offer.

      The West Coast Hockey League franchise filed for bankruptcy
      protection last month. The team is more than $2 million in debt and
      owes more than 100 creditors. Last season, the Aces finished with a
      league-worst 19-44 record.

      A sale would be welcome news for the WCHL, which has given Aces owner
      Mike Cusack Jr. until Wednesday to find a legitimate buyer, said
      Barry Kemp, chairman of the WCHL's board of governors.

      Cusack could not be reached for comment Friday.

      Because of the bankruptcy, the league can take over rights to the
      Aces. But that's an action it would prefer to avoid, according to
      Kemp. He said the eBay posting was an unlikely solution.

      "Odds are it would be a difficult way to market and sell a team,"
      Kemp said. "That caveat being said, if a legitimate buyer emerges in
      this procedure, we could be seeing more professional teams take this

      If the franchise finds a new owner through eBay, it would be the
      first time a sports team has been sold on the site, according to eBay
      spokesman Kevin Pursglove.

      The identity of Thursday's high bidder, an eBay member named
      kooptroop12, turned out to be a college-age prankster, according to
      KTUU TV in Anchorage. The bogus $2.3-million offer topped four others
      and allowed the bidder to use eBay's Buy It Now feature. That
      essentially skipped the timed formalities and instantly ended the

      "If the seller decides to re-list it, the bidding starts anew,"
      Pursglove said.

      Friday's top bid was made by chicagoblizt2001, who did not respond to
      an e-mail request for comment.

      The offer, if valid, could help pull the Aces out of debt. Another
      Cusack property, the Northern Lights Hotel, also filed for bankruptcy
      protection last month.
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