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Re: [IslanderFreeport41] RE: RE: Choosing the right IF41 - OHHHhhhhh Jeez

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  • Dan Dionne
    Jess, I used Peter Minkowitz in the San Francisco Bay 8 years ago for his great reputation. Survey took all day in and out of the water. His report was very
    Message 1 of 33 , Sep 19, 2013
      I used Peter Minkowitz in the San Francisco Bay 8 years ago for his great reputation. Survey took all day in and out of the water. His report was very thorough and fair.  I no longer have his contact number and not sure if he's still surveying.

      Thanks to you all for the valuable information here on this site!!

      Dan Dionne
      S/V "Rayelle"
      Alameda, CA

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      On Sep 18, 2013, at 5:55 PM, <jesse.harris@...> wrote:


       OHHHhhhhh Jeez  -  OHHHhhhhh Jeez  -  OHHHhhhhh Jeez  :-)  Alright so my offer was accepted :-D  (can I say oh sh!t)  Thanks for the help (lol and support) everyone!!!


      What I was able to do was read the prior survey; and I thought it was missing quite a bit.  I do risk assessments as part of my day job, and was surprised to see how similar a boat survey is and how you can get by with just doing a little rather than a lot.


      That said...  do you have any suggestions for a surveyor on the west coast?  I remember somebody tossing around Len's name, but not sure if that's a real option or not.


      Thanks Again!


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      Hey Jess,

      I've read your message and the responses and they seem to be right on track for anyone buying one of our boats.I got a survey that seemed perfect for a 1977 boat. After getting the boat to Annapolis and starting my own survey I came to the conclusion that either the surveyor didn't look at the same boat I bought or the seller paid him off to give such an A+ survey. I unfortunately couldn't be there for the survey. My biggest mistake.

      I have ended up removing both tanks, every inch of wire both AC and DC and the distribution panel, the windows and hatches in the cabin and aft cabin. I tore out all of the "pleather" and replaced it with teak after adding insulation. I had to rebuild the velvet drive and put a dripless stuffing box in. I replaced every thru hull and ball valve. I had all new sails made, replaced all of the standing rigging and found 3 broken chain plates. The hull/deck joint was like a sieve and was redone. What I had trouble with and I'm sure it's the same dilema that most owners face with a 36 year old boat is when to stop the demolition. One project led to another. I am finally on the home stretch but it's been 3 years of rebuilding. 

      My plan is to retire on her next Summer and head for the Caribbean. Hopefully I'll be able to live aboard for 10 years and with that in mind I may have done more than necessary but I certainly feel better about the boat and can trust her now not to drown me.

      My boat's name is Post Production and you can see the project with pictures. 

      There is a wealth of knowledge and information available on this forum so don't be hesitant in asking advice if you need it.

      Best of luck, 


      S/V Post Production

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      Yep, seems we’ve missed a few too!



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      What's up with the site? I only seem to be getting half the posts?

      Steven M. Ellsworth

      Catalina Oil Properties

      PO Box 2468

      Edmond,OK 73083


      On Sep 4, 2013, at 6:31 PM, <jesse.harris@...> wrote:


      :-)     I haven't been totally scared off, delayed yes :-)


      I want to thank all of you for the tremendous amount of information in your replies, it's truly been very helpful.



      I did actually take a look at the boat in Anacortes and dropped an offer... will see how things go, but it doesn't look promising... I feel they are asking considerably a bit more than many of the comparable boats on YachtWorld.


      I've been toying around with the idea of looking at the Jeannie, as it looks like it's been on the for-sale block for a few years, and the price is closer to what I'm looking for...   but getting her back to Seattle is obviously a struggle... any ideas on how much to ship her back?  :-)


      Again, thanks for the wonderful responses; and I'll keep you posted on how things are lookin!





      The Short List:




      Electrical Panel/Wiring


      Mast Bases




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      A little slow  but wanted to add my two cents.


      I'm sure you've realized by now that you've come to the right place for information on the IF41s


      I'm in agreement with all the comments from everyone that has responded.


      My self. I bought the Genesis in 2002 for 65,000 and after taxes and the first haul out having to remove all the blisters that the "survayer missed" along with a barrier coat the total cost was up to 80,000. Feeling pretty confident I took a trip about 100 mi to the south of here. Found out there were no running lights and the anchor windless was a piece of crap. Then the horror stories started. Nothing worked but at least the engine ran great so was able to get her back to LA and since become my condo on the water.

      Here's some good information on buying any boat I wish I'd known. Start from the bow of the boat and work your way aft making a list of what needs to be replaced "remembering" how old everything is because your looking at an older boat along with old equipment.


      If I'd do it over again I'd buy a less expensive one because like myself, I had to replace everything since it was all out of date or just junk, another reason is that at least when you replace things you'll know that there new.

       I don't trust surveyors, even thought they need to be surveyed, get someone that knows the IF41s to go over the boat with you, or any boat that you may decide on. Yep, it may take a few days but you'll get a wealth of information.



      Genesis. San Pedro, Ca.


      P.S. I think we've scared Jess off, since we haven't herd back from her.

      On Jul 29, 2013, at 7:01 AM, Keith Gerow <kgerow.servpro@...> wrote:


      Steve, I well remember your Freeport 41 from the days that you were at Cedar Mills, Texoma. What I see of the pictures of your boat now, You have transformed your boat into an awsome beauty.

      Keith Gerow

      SV. Prevailing Wind

      Jul 29, 2013 08:37:24 AM, IslanderFreeport41@yahoogroups.com wrote:


      Amen, Amen Amen. Well said Dick.


      I seriously understated the costs in re doing Destiny as I felt people would think I was blowing smoke. I think we ended up spending about $ 30,000 to keep her moving through the first year of full time cruising, however, we only owned her for a few months before setting out. 


      Your story about the paint coming off in sheets brought back memories! Ours was painted by the same Budweiser Loving Guy! When We got back to Texas, I was power washing Destiny and had to power wash the two boats on each side as they were covered with paint chips from our boat. That event started the complete re build. I did spend six entire months and probably closer to $ 40K on the re build. Unfortunately, I lost all the photos and records in computer changes when I thought I had meticulously kept them. It hurts to this day as I wanted to be able to document everything as few would believe what was done to the boat.


      Best of luck with yours, thanks for the posts and keep the faith and the bank account high enough to afford to keep her!




      SV Destiny Oklahoma


      From: Dick Pluta
      To: IslanderFreeport41
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    • skipper_geno
      Hi Jess. After I had the Genesis surveyed 11 years ago I found out the survayer was not approved by my insurance co. And after a bit of time they accepted the
      Message 33 of 33 , Sep 20, 2013
        Hi Jess. After I had the Genesis surveyed 11 years ago I found out the survayer was not approved by my insurance co. And after a bit of time they accepted the survey. I should have listened to them because I've paid the price for all his mistakes. My suggestion is going through your insurance co. or going through Boat U.S. for qualified and licensed surveyors in your area. One other thing comes to mind is have the U.S. Coast Guard check the boat out, they can tell you if it's Coast Guard approved for safety.Best of Luck... Gene Genesis in San Pedro, Ca.
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