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RE: [IslanderFreeport41] Slip Away's Moving Again!!!

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  • Slip Away - Rich & Jan
    A whitelist is the opposite of a blacklist. Some email providers use a whitelist to filter spam, and if that is the case, your email address needs to be
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 1, 2010
      A "whitelist" is the opposite of a "blacklist."  Some email providers use a "whitelist" to filter spam, and if that is the case, your email address needs to be on the "whitelist" in order for the addressee to receive the email.  If we send you an email, your address is immediately added to our "whitelist."  With our winlink email, if you put "//WL2K" in the subject line, it will circumvent the whitelist, and we will receive your email even if we have not added you to our whitelist. 
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      What is the 'whitelist'?
      s/v Grasshopper #130
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      Hi All,

      FINALLY!!! We've escaped from the boatyard and from Cartagena and are now
      in Panama. Seriously, we finally got the boat seaworthy again after a
      couple of weeks out of the yard and fixing stuff that managed to break while
      we were on the hard (Radar, Genset, outboard and about 7 other more minor
      things). We left Cartagena about three weeks ago (and also left our
      internet connection, hence no IF41 email) and had a good weather
      window/passage to the San Blas islands (Kuna Yala) of Panama. We were
      actually making much better speed than anticipated (6.5-7.0 knots) and spent
      about 8 hours hove to so we wouldn't arrive at midnight. No problem - we
      needed practice at that.

      When we got to San Blas our friends Ralph and Cheryl on Fortuitous
      (sistership and also IF41 Group members) were there and we finally got to
      spend a good bit of time with them. It'd been a long time since seeing them
      on the "Left" coast. They just came thru the Canal this year. So after a
      couple of weeks in the San Blas working on the boat (installing two more
      Kyocera 130 solar panels on the new hardtop, plus other stuff) and playing a
      little, we made a couple of day hops to Colon and are now in Shelter Bay
      marina preparing for our Canal transit.

      The Canal Authority is the most organized and efficient operation we've seen
      in Central America, and we're already inspected, paid-up and have our
      transit date scheduled for next Friday . We'll be trading linehandling
      duties with a Swiss boat we met, helping them on Monday and then they'll
      help us on Saturday. They have a beautiful Hallberg Rassey 46, so we won't
      be too deprived. It's fun being here again and getting ready for another
      transit. If any of you ever have a chance to do it, on your boat or as a
      linehandler, DON'T miss it!

      We've gotten so many nice comments on Slip Away since leaving Cartagena and
      the yard - it's really been gratifying. In the San Blas, someone we didn't
      know came by in his dinghy and said she was the prettiest IF41 he'd ever
      seen. Made those five months on the hard seem worth it. So far all the
      stuff we did is really working out well. We LOVE the new hardtop and the
      roof you can walk on. And the two additional 130W solar panels are REALLY
      nice! And I realluy like the box we built on the aft deck - we can get so
      much more in it than the old one, and it really looks like it was part of
      the original boat. Another little thing that we've discovered we REALLY
      like is the new seat we added to the back stbd side of the cockpit. It's
      proven to be handy in so many little ways - I'll do a separate email on that
      with some pics when I get a chance.

      So after our transit, and some serious provisioning and boat prep, we'll be
      off to the Galapagos, then on the French Polynesia. Once that happens we'll
      really be off the internet for long periods, but there is always our HAM
      radio (KG6NNZ@winlink. org - put "/WL2K" in the subject line to get around
      the whitelist) if anyone has any questions or interest.

      All the best,

      s.v. Slip Away
      currently in Colon, Panama

    • Steven Ellsworth
      Steven: Replacing mine is tops on the list and one of the few things I have not done yet. What are you going to use as a replacement? Steve SV Destiny Oklahoma
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 1, 2010

        Replacing mine is tops on the list and one of the few things I have not done yet. What are you going to use as a replacement?


        SV Destiny Oklahoma

        --- On Sun, 2/28/10, Steven Nall <sfnall@...> wrote:

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        Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010, 8:10 PM


        I guess I never did send any pics...
        so... 2 at a time!

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