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Denmark: Six-Year Peace Vigil in Copenhagen

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  • Zafar Khan
    Six-Year Peace Vigil in Copenhagen By Mohammad Sabry IOL Staff Sun. Nov. 25, 2007
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      Six-Year Peace Vigil in Copenhagen
      By Mohammad Sabry IOL Staff
      Sun. Nov. 25, 2007


      COPENHAGEN — A group of Danish activists have been
      maintaining a daily symbolic vigil outside the
      parliament building in the Danish capital Copenhagen
      for the past six years to protest involvement in
      Washington's so-called war on terror.
      "We are demonstrating against impotence, hysteria and
      violent attacks," activist Rief Paulsin told
      IslamOnline.net standing in the open area in chilling

      "We are protesting against the war."

      Paulsin and a group of like-minded peace activists
      have founded the "Peace Watch" movement to protest
      Denmark’s assistance to the American war on terror.

      They keep a symbolic vigil outside the parliament
      headquarters to make their voice heard.

      "We will continue to take this action until Denmark
      stops every assistance to the US in Iraq and
      Afghanistan," said a defiant Paulsin.

      Following the terrorist 9/11 attacks, the US invaded
      Afghanistan to topple the ruling Taliban movement and
      its Al-Qaeda ally.

      Two years later, US President George Bush ordered the
      invasion of Iraq on claims of stockpiling weapons of
      mass destruction and links to Al-Qaeda, both later
      proven unfounded.

      Denmark has a 600-strong contingent serving with the
      41,000-strong NATO force in Afghanistan, which remains
      a destitute and undeveloped country where inhabitants
      have no central heating, electricity or running water.

      The Scandinavian country withdrew its ground forces
      from Iraq last year but still keeps a small air force
      in the war-torn country.


      The Peace Watch activists are also campaigning against
      a possible "illegal" US military adventure targeting

      "We are also standing here to prevent a possible war
      against Iran," said Paulsin.

      "Acts of military aggression represent the most brutal
      use of a monopoly of power," he insisted.

      The Bush administration has not ruled out military
      action against Iran.

      Award-winning American investigative reporter Seymour
      Hersh revealed that the Pentagon had formed a special
      group to plan an attack against Iran that can be
      implemented, upon orders from the president, within 24

      "Entire nations can suffer destruction in the name of
      special interests," warned Paulsin, the Danish peace

      "We can’t remain passive while peace and freedom are
      threatened by the powerful who claim to be its
      defenders. That is why we are standing here."
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