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Belgian woman converts to Islam after watching film - The Peninsula, Qatar

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  • Zafar Khan
    Belgian woman converts to Islam after watching film Web posted at: 6/9/2004 10:59:56 Source ::: QNA
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2004
      Belgian woman converts to Islam after watching film
      Web posted at: 6/9/2004 10:59:56
      Source ::: QNA


      BRUSSELS: An American movie which attempts to portray
      Islam and Muslims in a negative light actually sparked
      the lights of Islamic faith in a Belgian lady.
      Dominique Scheppers, also named Anissa, in an
      interview with Iranian news agency, Irna, said that
      she got the 'click' to convert to Islam after watching
      'not without my daughter,' a film about an American
      woman married to an Iranian doctor who escapes with
      her daughter from Iran.

      Anissa said she was not convinced by the film's
      negative portrayal of Islam, and hence started her own
      search to understand Muslims and Islam. "Allah guided
      me to Islam through this film' said anissa, who was
      brought up in a Belgian catholic family before
      adopting the Islamic faith nearly 10 years ago.

      She said she began reading books and sought
      information about Islam from some Arab friends and
      even visited Egypt to learn more about Muslims.

      'What attracted me most to Islam is the concept of
      Tawhid (unity),' she stressed.

      Anissa, who is now married to a Moroccan, was working
      in the marketing and publicity field before she left
      her job to engage full time in the cause of Islam. She
      is a candidate on the list of the Muslim party of
      citizenship and prosperity (PCP) for regional
      elections to be held in Belgium on Sunday.

      Anissa said her aim is to work for the rights of
      Muslims in Belgium and also for Muslim unity through
      dialogue and debate.

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