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India moves warships - Arabnews

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  • Zafar Khan
    India moves warships By Nilofar Suhrawardy, Special to Arab News http://www.arabnews.com/Article.asp?ID=15467 NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD, 23 May India yesterday
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2002
      India moves warships

      By Nilofar Suhrawardy, Special to Arab News


      NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD, 23 May India yesterday ordered
      its warships in
      Bay of Bengal to reinforce its naval fleet in the
      Arabian Sea as Prime
      Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee told troops it was time
      for a decisive
      with Pakistan.

      We have moved five front-line ships of the eastern
      fleet to be
      cross-deployed to the western seaboard to augment the
      force levels,
      spokesman Commander Rahul Gupta said. Highly placed
      naval sources said
      four of the vessels are armed with missiles but the
      spokesman declined
      elaborate on the redeployment.

      A Russian-built destroyer, an indigenous frigate and
      three corvettes
      steaming into the Arabian Sea from the Bay of Bengal,
      the source said,
      adding the destroyer, the frigate and two of the
      corvettes are capable
      launching missiles.

      The Indian Navy has already brought the countrys
      merchant navy under
      flag and kept its only aircraft carrier on a state of
      alert in the Bay

      The Indian Air Force, the worlds fourth largest, also
      went on alert as
      Indias mobilization gained momentum. We are still not
      at the stage
      we scramble jets but we are now on a state of alert, a
      senior officer
      the Western Air Command said.

      He said the air force has also cleared some 80
      grounded MiG-21s for
      operational duty. We are also redeploying our
      Mirage-2000 and Jaguars
      forward locations from their mother bases, the
      official said of the
      of French- and British-built warplanes which adds
      teeth to Indias
      Russian-built air force.

      Addressing front-line troops in Kashmir, Vajpayee
      said: Be prepared for
      sacrifices. But our aim should be victory. Because its
      now time for a
      decisive fight. His speech was broadcast live across
      the nation by

      In its first significant response to an onslaught of
      Indian threats
      militants attacked an Indian Army camp last week,
      Pakistan renewed a
      pledge to crack down on guerrilla violence. ...the
      government will not
      allow the territory of Pakistan or any territory whose
      defense is the
      responsibility of Pakistan to be used for any
      terrorist activity
      in the world, Pakistans military government said in a

      The statement, made after a joint meeting of President
      Cabinet and the policy-making National Security
      Council (NSC), however,
      said Pakistan would continue its moral, political and
      for the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination.

      Islamabad also vowed to use full force if attacked.
      The Indian
      should desist from such blatant war-mongering and
      instead focus on
      addressing their internal problems as well as
      resolving peacefully
      many disputes with their neighbors, the Foreign
      Ministry said in a
      statement later. Pakistan has the ability to defend
      itself against any
      imposed by India. Any misadventure by India will be
      met with full
      it said.

      As soldiers of the two countries exchanged heavy
      mortar fire, at least
      four civilians were killed. Three villagers, including
      a young girl,
      killed on the Pakistani side of the border in Kashmir
      while an Indian
      civilian was killed and five others were wounded.

      Police said an Indian village was engulfed in flames
      after it was
      by shells fired by Pakistani troops. The shells
      sparked a fire which
      burned out at least 60 houses in Manyari village in
      Kashmirs Kathua
      sector, some 82 km (50 miles) south of the state
      winter capital Jammu.
      powerful shelling started yesterday afternoon and
      several houses caught
      fire as the shells landed squarely on them, a police
      officer said.

      World pressure on the nuclear-armed rivals mounted to
      defuse the
      situation. The European Union called on India to cool
      the rhetoric and
      said President Musharraf must act on promises to rein
      in terrorists.
      European Union and India have common interests in
      fighting terrorism,
      at the same time we do not consider that escalating
      the rhetoric is the
      most appropriate mechanism for fighting terrorism, a
      senior EU diplomat

      With the exception of Britain, the 15-nation EU has
      never played a
      prominent diplomatic role in South Asia.

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