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  • Zafar Khan
    May 1, 2006
      Freedom for US journalist jailed in prison scandal
      Associated Press in Kabul
      Monday May 1, 2006
      The Guardian


      An American journalist jailed for two years in
      Afghanistan on charges of torturing terrorists in a
      makeshift jail was freed yesterday, two months early.
      Edward Caraballo, 44, from New York, spoke to the
      Associated Press before his release and claimed he was
      to be freed under a decree apparently issued by Afghan

      Billions wasted in Iraq, says US audit

      · Projects behind schedule despite massive outlay
      · Roadside bomb kills 3 contractors, wounds 2

      Ewen MacAskill in Washington
      Monday May 1, 2006
      The Guardian


      A US congressional inspection team set up to monitor
      reconstruction in Iraq today publishes a scathing
      report of failures by contractors, mainly from the US,
      to carry out projects worth hundreds of millions of

      In one case, the inspection team found that three
      years after the invasion only six of 150 health
      centres proposed for Iraq had been completed by a US
      contractor, in spite of 75% of the $186m (£100m)
      allocated having been spent.

      We've broken America's back in Iraq, boasts al-Qa'ida
      Terror network's deputy makes triumphant claim in new
      video posted on the internet
      By Patrick Cockburn, winner of the James Cameron
      Memorial Award 2006
      Published: 30 April 2006


      Hundreds of suicide bombers have "broken America's
      back" in three years in Iraq, Ayman al-Zawahri, the
      deputy leader of al-Qa'ida, said in a video released
      on the internet yesterday.

      In a diatribe against the terror network's many
      enemies, Zawahri struck a triumphant note, claiming in
      Iraq "America, Britain and their allies have achieved
      nothing but losses, disasters and misfortunes".

      Iraq cleric calls for disarmament


      Ayatollah Ali Sistani, one of Iraq's most senior Shia
      clerics, has called for the next government to
      dismantle militias operating in the country.
      The grand ayatollah said only the government should
      have weapons, and its forces should be loyal to the
      nation - not to individual political parties.

      Iran: Life in the diaspora


      Between two and five million Iranians live abroad, the
      bulk of them in the US, while Canada, the UK and other
      European countries also hold sizeable communities.
      Many left after the Islamic revolution in 1979, when
      the pro-Western Shah was swept aside, and remain
      solidly opposed to Iran's clerical government.

      But a new generation, raised in the West yet
      influenced by the Iranian values of their families, is
      beginning to address the thorny issues of identity and

      Islam in Sparkhill


      Hassan Yaqoob attends a Muslim Youth group in
      Sparkhill every Friday. He made a film to share why
      Islam is so important to him.

      Hassan is a Muslim teenager. He attends a weekly youth
      group to "refresh and remind him" about his faith.

      Inside Sheffield's Islamic landmark
      by Oonagh Jaquest


      Sheffield's Muslim community is short of £2m it needs
      to complete the city's biggest purpose built mosque
      and Islamic Centre. We went behind the scenes on site
      to find out what it means to the people who can't wait
      for it to be finished.

      Indonesians Protest Labor Law on May Day


      JAKARTA, May 1, 2006 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies)
      – Marking the May Day, thousands of Indonesian workers
      took to the streets in the main cities on Monday, May
      1, to protest a proposed revision of the country's
      labor law.

      "Don't change the law," chanted more than 10,000
      protestors rallying across the capital Jakarta while
      waving banners rejecting review of the 2003 labor law,
      Agence France-Presse (AFP) said.

      The protestors condemned Indonesian President Susilo
      Bambang Yudhoyono as an enemy of the workers.

      A Syrian monastery lies at the nexus of Islam,
      By James Brandon | Correspondent of The Christian
      Science Monitor


      DEIR MAR MUSA, SYRIA – It is late afternoon at the
      monastery of Deir Mar Musa on the edge of the Syrian
      desert and the only sounds are the call of desert
      birds and the whisper of the breeze over time-worn
      Until, that is, a group of Muslim schoolgirls arrive
      from a nearby town to fill the monastery's valley with
      laughter and joyful chattering.
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