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  • Zafar Khan
    Mar 2 12:15 PM
      Poll of troops in Iraq sees 72% support for withdrawal
      within a year


      WASHINGTON — Seventy-two percent of troops on the
      ground in Iraq think U.S. military forces should get
      out of the country within a year, according to a Zogby
      poll released Tuesday. The survey of 944 troops,
      conducted in Iraq between Jan. 18 and Feb. 14, said
      that only 23 percent of servicemembers thought U.S.
      forces should stay “as long as they are needed.” Of
      the 72 percent, 22 percent said troops should leave
      within the next six months, and 29 percent said they
      should withdraw “immediately.” Twenty-one percent said
      the U.S. military presence should end within a year; 5
      percent weren’t sure.

      Bush hails Afghanistan on surprise visit


      President George Bush has visited Afghanistan for the
      first time since the invasion by the US and Britain
      and said the country was on the road to success. Mr
      Bush, speaking at a public appearance with the Afghan
      President, Hamid Karzai, said the US remained
      committed to the future of Afghanistan and praised the
      progress made following the overthrow of the Taliban

      US diplomat among four dead in Karachi bombing


      A suicide attacker today rammed a car packed with
      high-intensity explosives into a vehicle carrying an
      American diplomat in Pakistan, killing four people and
      wounding 52 outside the US consulate. The attack in
      Karachi comes ahead of this week's visit to the
      country by US President George Bush, officials said.
      Bush condemned the attack and said "terrorists and
      killers" would not prevent him from coming to Pakistan
      on the final leg of a tour of South Asia.

      Saddam admits link to killings of Shia villagers

      · Ex-dictator ordered Dujail farms to be destroyed
      · Actions were not a crime he tells Iraq court


      Saddam Hussein admitted yesterday that he ordered the
      trial of Shia villagers who were executed, and decreed
      the destruction of their farmlands, following an
      assassination attempt against him in Dujail in 1982.

      Muslim charities targeted, group says
      Coalition seeks talks with Treasury chief


      An American Muslim coalition is seeking to meet with
      Treasury Secretary John Snow to discuss the padlocking
      of the Toledo-based charity, KindHearts, and "the
      continued targeting of Muslim charities without due
      process of law." Federal agents, using the power of an
      executive order, closed KindHearts' West Toledo
      headquarters on Feb. 19 and froze its assets while
      authorities investigate the Muslim charity for alleged
      support of Hamas terrorists in the Middle East.

      U.S. Muslims seek Treasury meeting on charities


      WASHINGTON, Feb 28 (Reuters) - A coalition of U.S.
      Muslim organizations on Tuesday requested a meeting
      with Treasury Secretary John Snow to discuss concerns
      that Muslim charities are targeted in the government's
      counterterrorism efforts. In a letter to Snow, the
      American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and
      Elections (AMT) said government closures of Islamic
      charities have hindered American Muslims' ability to
      carry out their religious obligation to help the

      Mr Blair, you sent my son to die in a war based on

      Occupation has achieved nothing positive. It is time
      to bring our troops home and let the Iraqi people
      decide their own future


      Dear Prime Minister,
      Ref: Sgt Christian Ian Hickey of the 1st Battalion
      Coldstream Guards, who became 97th fatality of the
      Iraq conflict

      Tony Blair is ignoring us, grieving families say


      Grieving relatives of servicemen killed in Iraq will
      march to Tony Blair's doorstep today to ask why the
      Prime Minister repeatedly refuses to meet them face to
      face to defend his policies on the war. Their move
      comes in the aftermath of two more deaths of British
      servicemen in Iraq, bringing the UK death toll to 103,
      and as the number of mothers, fathers and wives of
      dead servicemen campaigning against the war continues
      to grow. In the past months, the families have asked
      for meetings, but their requests have been turned

      Iraq pushes Bush support to all time low

      · Sectarian carnage ends hopes for early troop exit
      · President's ratings same as Nixon's second term


      Profound pessimism about the Iraq war has pushed
      George Bush's popularity to an all-time low of 34%, as
      polls yesterday showed American civilians and soldiers
      at odds with the White House over US objectives and
      strategy. While some of the drop in support is
      attributable to discontent with domestic policies, it
      is clear the sectarian bloodletting in Iraq over the
      past week has extinguished hopes that December's
      elections could help stabilise the country and pave
      the way for US troop withdrawal.

      Scientists find lost civilisation buried by volcano

      ·Indonesian eruption was largest in modern times
      · Village's 10,000 residents died in moments


      Archaeologists have uncovered remains of an Indonesian
      civilisation entombed by debris from the largest
      volcanic eruption in modern history. Mount Tambora's
      eruption on April 10 1815 smothered villages on the
      island of Sumbawa with pumice, ash and rock, and
      claimed the lives of 90,000 people.

      One dead, three wounded as prison riot resumes


      Police fired at prisoners trying to push down a gate
      at Kabul's main jail as about 2,000 prisoners resumed
      rioting yesterday after a 24-hour pause. One prisoner
      was killed and three injured, police said. The
      fighting restarted after negotiations broke down, said
      Abdul Halik, a prison police commander. He said
      authorities had urged prisoners to move into a
      different wing but they refused. "The prisoners have
      tried to break down the door to their block and the
      police opened fire," Mr Halik said. Five people have
      been killed and 41 injured since violence erupted on

      Indonesia Combats Sex, Violence in TV


      CAIRO, March 2, 2006 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies)
      – To defend morality in the most populous Muslim
      country, the Indonesian government has introduced a
      new regulation to scrutinize the content of TV
      programs as the parliament debates a pornography bill,
      The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday, March 2.

      Bereaved parents call on Oscars to drop suicide bomb


      The families of three Israeli teenagers who were
      killed in a suicide bombing are appealing to the
      organisers of the Oscars to drop a film from the
      nominations because they say it glorifies terrorism.

      Iraq's Kurds, Sunnis Reject Not-Neutral Jaafari


      BAGHDAD, March 2, 2006 (IslamOnline.net & News
      Agencies) – Iraq's Kurds and Sunnis reaffirmed on
      Thursday, March 2, opposition to the nomination of
      outgoing Shiite Premier Ibrahim Jaafari to keep the
      post in the new cabinet, dealing a blow to ongoing
      talks on government formation. "The Kurdish and the
      Sunni groups think that he is not appropriate and they
      cannot form a cabinet with him as he is not neutral,"
      Mahmud Othman, a senior Kurdish lawmaker, told Agence
      France-Presse (AFP). Jaafari was re-selected for the
      post of premier last month by the dominant Shiite
      United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), which won 128 of the 275
      parliamentary seats in the December general elections.

      Europe is 'happy hunting ground' for foreign spies,
      says watchdog


      Europe is a "happy hunting ground" for foreign
      security services, the continent's leading human
      rights watchdog concluded yesterday, as it called for
      new legal safeguards against secret rendition of
      terror suspects. Drawing on formal responses to
      questions to 46 member countries, the Council of
      Europe's secretary general, Terry Davies, criticised
      Europeans for their subservience to US intelligence.
      Governments should co-operate on counter-terrorism
      with the US as "equal partners" and not in "the role
      of the proverbial three brass monkeys".

      How Bush has stayed away from soldiers' funerals


      More than 2,290 US troops have been killed in Iraq.
      President George Bush has attended none of the
      funerals - for which he is often criticised by the
      families of those who have died. Nadia McCaffrey's son
      Patrick, 34, a member of the Californian National
      Guard, was killed during an ambush in Iraq in June
      2004. She said she had not expected Mr Bush to attend
      her son's funeral in person but thought the government
      would send someone.
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