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  • Zafar Khan
    Nov 5, 2005
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      Woman. Muslim. American.


      The car had been following Sarwat Husain for more than
      10 miles, from near downtown where she had attended a
      meeting about the Patriot Act at the Esperanza Peace &
      Justice Center, almost to Loop 1604. No matter how
      Husain detoured or doubled back, the car shadowed her.
      At a stoplight, the car pulled alongside hers. "I just
      kept looking straight ahead, but I could tell they had
      rolled down the window and were screaming at me."

      Britain isolated over role in Afghanistan


      Britain is locked in an intense dispute with its
      European allies in Nato over a plan, fraught with
      political and security problems, to take control of
      peacekeeping in Afghanistan. British military
      involvement in the country is to be stepped up early
      next year when it assumes command of the Kabul-based
      International Security Assistance Force (Isaf), and
      sends troops to a hostile southern province known for
      opium cultivation.

      Muslim graves desecrated in Birmingham cemetery


      Hundreds of police officers were drafted on to the
      streets of Birmingham last night after dozens of
      Muslim grave headstones were damaged at a city
      cemetery, triggering concerns about fresh race riots.
      The desecration was discovered yesterday morning by
      relatives visiting the Muslim part of Handsworth
      Cemetery in Birmingham.

      Father and sons found guilty of honour killing


      A father and his two sons are facing life in prison
      after they were found guilty yesterday of the honour
      killing of a university student who was stabbed 46
      times. Chomer Ali, 44, ordered his two sons, Mohammed
      Mujibar Rahman, 19, and Mamnoor Rahman, 16, to kill
      his daughter's boyfriend, Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, 19,
      last November after he discovered that she was
      pregnant. Manna Begum, 20, had been dating the victim
      against the wishes of her father, who had set up an
      arranged marriage and he was killed "to vindicate the
      family's honour".

      Scores killed as ferry capsizes off Pakistan


      At least 60 people on their way to a memorial died
      today when their overloaded ferry capsized in the
      Arabian Sea off southern Pakistan, a navy spokesman
      said. The accident occurred near the remote coastal
      town of Kharo Chao, about 110 miles southeast of the
      port city of Karachi, said navy Lt. Cmdr. Salman Ali.

      10,000 protest against Bush


      Around 10,000 protesters chanted "Get out Bush!" today
      on the streets of the Argentinean resort which is
      hosting the Summit of the Americas. Celebrities
      including the Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona
      are among the demonstrators who have gathered at the
      resort of Mar Del Plata, where the two-day summit
      starts later today.

      There are more Muslims that some numbers tell


      In my neighborhood in far western Pembroke Pines, two
      of my favorite supermarket clerks are Muslim. A Muslim
      family runs the neighborhood dollar store. A neighbor
      pasted an Arabic greeting near his front door, while
      women wearing hijabs walk in the neighborhood. And the
      closest house of worship? A mosque being built in a
      Pembroke Pines pasture. As Ramadan comes to an close
      this week, I think of all the Muslims I now know --
      and how many are probably not being counted in various
      religious studies.

      The aid honeymoon is over, so what next for Aceh's


      The anniversary of the Boxing Day disaster is looming,
      but government inertia has left the village the
      Guardian has been monitoring playing a reconstruction
      waiting game. The community noticeboard in Nusa is
      conspicuously underemployed. There are no updates on
      reconstruction programmes and the only bulletin on
      livelihood is a dog-eared one from June. The only
      recent notice advertises monthly distribution of rice,
      cooking oil, noodles and sardines to those who lost
      their homes in December's tsunami. Nearby, on the wall
      of a barrack - as temporary accommodation has been
      dubbed - are five designs from which the refugees must
      choose their replacement homes.

      Palestinians hit by sonic boom air raids

      · UN condemns night noise attacks as indiscriminate
      · Agencies say they cause trauma and miscarriages


      Israel is deploying a terrifying new tactic against
      Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by letting
      loose deafening "sound bombs" that cause widespread
      fear, induce miscarriages and traumatise children.

      Palestinians 'terrorised' by sonic boom flights


      Human rights groups launched a High Court battle to
      stop the "physical and mental harm" to Gaza's civilian
      population they say is caused by Israel's new weapon
      against militant attacks: the sonic boom. Miscarriages
      have increased sharply and children have been driven
      to panic by Israeli jets systematically breaking the
      sound barrier over Gaza, according to a petition filed
      with the court yesterday.

      Albania protest halts Greek visit


      The Chams say they were badly treated by Greece
      Greek President Karolos Papoulias has cut short a
      visit to neighbour Albania, after a minority group's
      protest which Athens described as disruptive. Up to
      200 demonstrators from the Albanian Muslim Cham clan
      gathered outside a hotel where Mr Papoulias was due to
      meet counterpart Alfred Moisiu.

      Amnesty International on terror laws: Dangerous.
      Ill-conceived. An assault on human rights


      Tony Blair's plans for tough new anti-terror
      legislation have been subjected to a damning critique
      by Amnesty International, as MPs prepare to debate the
      measures today. In a submission to MPs, Amnesty
      International denounced the proposals to increase
      police powers of detention and make a new offence of
      the glorification of terrorism. It called them
      "ill-conceived and dangerous" , amounting to an attack
      on "the independence of the judiciary and the rule of

      Iranian envoys sacked as hardliners' influence grows


      Five Iranian ambassadors have been sacked as the
      country's hardliners tighten their grip on foreign
      policy following the election of the conservative
      president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran's ambassador to
      Britain, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Adeli, is among the
      casualties of the purge. A press spokesman for the
      Iranian embassy said: "The ambassador's term has been
      terminated after one year of serving in London."

      Pakistani rape victim is Glamour's woman of year


      Mukhtaran Bibi, a Pakistani rape victim, is to receive
      a "Woman Of the Year" award today from the US magazine
      Glamour. The 31-year-old Punjabi villager will also
      receive $20,000 (£11,350) at a ceremony in New York's
      Lincoln Centre alongside 11 other nominees including
      Catherine Zeta-Jones. "This is a story that I think is
      going to shock everyone who hears it," said Cindi
      Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour.

      Turkey told to speed up reforms


      The pace of reform in Turkey over human rights, free
      speech and freedom of religion has slowed to an
      unacceptable level, the European commission will tell
      Ankara next week. A month after European leaders
      hailed the start of Turkey's EU membership talks as
      "historic", Ankara is to be criticised for failing to
      meet its side of the bargain by intensifying reforms.

      Israel dragging heels over Gaza agreements

      · Security cited as crossings closed and goods blocked

      · Palestinians reject call for monitoring of borders


      The Israeli government is de-stabilising Gaza and the
      Palestinian Authority by closing down its links with
      the outside world, according to the Palestinian
      minister in charge of negotiations with them. Ghassan
      Khatib said that Israel was making the current
      situation worse by imposing a closure on Gaza and
      deliberately slowing vital negotiations.

      Inmates killed as troops end prison rebellion


      At least four inmates were killed when Kyrgyz police
      and troops stormed three prisons to quell unrest.
      Police killed two others at a prison colony in
      Moldovanovka and a further two at a jail in Petrovka,
      both outside the capital, Bishkek, said the deputy
      justice minister, Sergei Zubov.

      Israeli clampdown amid rise in 'sonic bombs'


      The Israeli defence ministry has barred foreign
      journalists from entering the Gaza Strip in an
      apparent attempt to limit reporting on the killing of
      Palestinian civilians, the firing of artillery shells
      and the use of "sonic bombs" to terrify the local

      Basra explosion kills 20 among festive crowds


      · Car blast in market area as end of Ramadan nears
      · Second attack close to British army base

      Made in Iran: A film about three Britons who went to
      Afghanistan and ended up in Camp X-Ray


      Two American guards are shackling a shaven-headed
      prisoner in a Camp X-ray orange boiler suit, putting
      him in goggles and ear muffs. He wails as if in real
      pain. But this is not Cuba, it is Iran, seen more
      often in the West as the sort of radical theocracy
      evoked by its President's comment last week that
      Israel should be "wiped off the map". And next to the
      cages where prisoners loll against wire mesh, the
      British director Michael Winterbottom is squinting
      through a camera lens, a small crew hovering near by.

      Anti-Prophet Danish Cartoons on OIC Summit Agenda


      COPENHAGEN, November 5, 2005 (IslamONline.net & News
      Agencies) –Caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
      recently published in Denmark's main daily, which have
      triggered an outcry among Muslims in Denmark and
      abroad, will be high on the agenda of the upcoming
      Islamic summit in Saudi Arabia. "We have been informed
      by our foreign minister that this caricature affair
      will be on the agenda at a special summit of the
      Organization of Islamic Conference," Mohab Nasr
      Mostafa Mahdy, Egypt's deputy ambassador, told Agence
      France-Presse (AFP).
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