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5589Islamophobia USA: California State's Muslims report more hate incidents - Ocean Register, USA

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  • Zafar Khan
    Jul 29, 2005
      State's Muslims report more hate incidents
      Council on American-Islamic Relations finds complaints
      up in 2004, though fewer involve racial-profiling

      The Orange County Register


      Hate incidents reported by California Muslims
      increased by about 38 percent in 2004 over the
      previous year, the highest number of annual cases ever
      reported to the Council on American-Islamic Relations,
      a 7-year-old Muslim civil-rights group.

      At the same time, CAIR's annual report, released
      Wednesday in Anaheim, showed that, overall, the
      state's Muslims felt the law was more fairly applied
      to them in 2004.

      Complaints of racial or religious profiling, verbal
      harassment or denial of service dropped from 32
      percent of the cases reported in 2003 to 15 percent
      last year.

      "We in no way want to portray, by sharing this
      information, that California Muslims feel under
      siege," said Ra'id Faraj, a CAIR spokesman.

      "We view this report in many ways as positive," Faraj
      said. "That discriminatory application of the law has
      decreased is a tremendously positive thing."

      The greatest increase in complaints - up from 7
      percent of all cases in 2003 to 28 percent in 2004 -
      came from Muslims who felt they had been victims of
      "unreasonable arrests, detentions, searches, seizures
      and interrogations."

      Faraj said cases were deemed "unreasonable" if someone
      was treated in an extraordinary fashion - such as
      being stopped and interrogated for five hours solely
      based on perceived ethnicity.

      "If the situation is somehow related to a crime, that
      is completely different."

      In their complaints, Muslims told of being verbally
      harassed or discriminated against at their schools,
      workplaces, at housing and government agencies, and in
      public places such as airports.

      One woman told of a man who approached her and asked,
      "Do you have sex with your hijabon?"

      She said he pulled down her hijab, or head scarf, and
      said, "You look so sexy; your mother must have been a

      CAIR received a total of 307 California complaints in
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