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  • Zafar Khan
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Central Asian elections criticised


      The weekend general elections in the former Soviet
      central Asian states of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan were
      condemned by Organisation for Security and Cooperation
      in Europe monitors yesterday as marred by pressure on
      the independent media and court orders barring some
      opposition candidates. In Kyrgyzstan the president's
      son Aider Akayev - with 80% support - was among only
      31 of the 75 candidates to gain a first-round

      British would-be shoe bomber admits plot to blow up


      A British would-be suicide bomber yesterday admitted
      plotting to blow up a packed passenger plane in midair
      with an explosive device hidden in his shoe.
      Saajid Badat, 25, agreed to board and destroy an
      American-bound flight from Europe, three months after
      the 9/11 hijackers killed thousands in New York and

      Tel Aviv bomber's family shunned


      Scores of chairs lined the rooms and corridors, and
      jugs of coffee and water and trays of figs were ready
      to welcome men paying their respects. But the family
      of Abdullah Badran, the 21-year-old who blew himself
      up at the entrance to a Tel Aviv nightclub on Friday,
      killing five Israelis, were left alone in their grief.
      For seven days after a burial a Palestinian family
      receives mourners, normally a big social event
      involving colourful banners and patriotic music.

      Critics doubt Thai PM's openness on Muslim south


      By Nopporn Wong-Anan BANGKOK, March 1 (Reuters) - Thai
      Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has sought rare
      advice from critics of his tough stance towards unrest
      in the Muslim far south but is unlikely to change
      tack, analysts and Muslim leaders said on Tuesday.
      Normally intolerant of any criticism, Thaksin has
      surprised his opponents by inviting academics and
      villagers to come up with proposals to end the
      violence peacefully. Nearly 600 people have been
      killed in the Thai south in just over a year.

      British Muslim admits plot to blow up plane


      A British-born Muslim has admitted plotting to blow up
      an aircraft bound for America in the first major
      prosecution of an al Qaeda terrorist in Britain since
      the September 11 attacks. Saajid Badat, 25, had
      planned to set off a bomb at the same time as the
      British "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, who is serving a
      life sentence in the United States. But Badat changed
      his mind and dismantled his shoe bomb, which was
      seized by police at his home in Gloucester in November

      British-born Muslim admits plot to blow up airliner


      A British-born Muslim has admitted plotting to blow up
      an aircraft bound for America in the first major
      prosecution of an al-Qa'ida terrorist in the UK since
      the 11 September attacks.

      Jubilation in Beirut after pro-Syrian government


      The embattled Prime Minister of Lebanon, Omar Karami,
      announced the resignation of his government yesterday.
      The surprise decision was greeted with a roar of
      triumph from a crowd gathered in Beirut's Martyrs'
      Square to demand the withdrawal of Syrian troops.

      Police success leaves Muslim leaders in shock


      SAAJID BADATÂ’S guilty plea to conspiracy to destroy,
      damage or endanger an aircraft was hailed as a major
      success by counter-terrorist detectives and left many
      Muslim leaders shocked.

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