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  • Zafar Khan
    Sep 2, 2004
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      Iran arrests dozens of 'spies' for passing nuclear


      The Iranian government announced yesterday that a
      number of spies linked to an armed opposition movement
      had been arrested for passing on nuclear secrets to
      foreign enemies.

      Chechen terrorists blamed after Moscow attack kills 10


      Ten people were killed in Moscow last night when a
      bomb exploded outside a busy metro station in the
      north of the capital ­ a week after two passenger
      airliners were blown out of the sky in an act of

      New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC
      Serious implications can lie ahead for US-Israeli ties


      WASHINGTON: Washington was rocked late last week by
      allegations that a Pentagon policy analyst on Iran,
      Laurence A. Franklin, had passed classified
      information to Israel through the American Israel
      Public Affairs Committee, the leading pro-Israel lobby
      group in the US. He is also said to have had extensive
      meetings with Naor Gilon, head of the political
      department at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and a
      specialist on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

      Mounting concern for French hostages after murder


      The Nepalese Cabinet was called to an emergency
      session yesterday after transmission of a video
      appearing to show the gruesome killing of 12 of the
      country's workers in Iraq.

      10 killed in Russian school siege


      BESLAN, Russia: Attackers wearing suicide-bomb belts
      seized a school in a Russian region bordering Chechnya
      on Wednesday and were holding hundreds of hostages,
      reportedly including 200 children. The assault came a
      day after a suicide bomber killed 10 people in Moscow.


      British Council official sacked over anti-Islam


      A British Council official who assumed a pseudonym to
      write Sunday Telegraph articles attacking "the black
      heart of Islam" has been sacked. The government-funded
      body, which recently commissioned a handbook on Islam
      "to prevent ignorant comments about Muslims being made
      in [the] national press", said yesterday it had
      dismissed Harry Cummins, a senior press officer, after
      an internal investigation.

      Agitators in Nepal set mosque afire


      Kathmandu, September 1: Thousands of irate agitators
      set Nepal's biggest mosque ablaze, destroyed offices
      of job recruitment agencies and clashed with policemen
      to protest the gruesome killing of 12 Nepalese
      labourers in Iraq. The protestors took to the streets,
      disrupting traffic and shouting slogans against the
      killings, before attacking the mosque and destroying
      more than a dozen employment agencies as police fired
      tear gas in an unsuccessful attempt to disperse the

      Curfew in Nepal as murders spark riot


      A curfew was imposed on Kathmandu last night, with
      orders to shoot people on sight, after thousands of
      demonstrators ransacked a mosque and fought pitched
      battles with police to protest at the killing of 12
      Nepalese hostages by insurgents in Iraq.

      Israel sees Syrian link in bombings


      Israel warned the Arab world yesterday that it saw
      Syrian hands behind this week's suicide bombings in
      Beersheba, as it sealed off a nearby West Bank city
      and destroyed the home of one of the attackers. After
      the militant group Hamas claimed Tuesday's bus
      bombings, which killed 16 people, troops entered
      Hebron and blew up the home of Ahmed Kawasmeh, one of
      the perpetrators.

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