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2681Why the U.N. is irelevant?

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  • Zafar Khan
    Mar 2 6:51 AM
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      Why the U.N. is irelevant?
      Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 21:17:44 -0000

      Since the inception of the United Nations, the number
      of resolutions issued because of Israeli aggression
      are literally too numerous to mention, but a small
      sampling is warranted nonetheless.

      Resolution 242: November 22, 1967 -- The Council
      emphasized "the inadmissibility of the acquisition of
      territory by war" and that "withdrawal of Israeli
      armed forces from territory occupied in the recent
      conflicts" was part of the "establishment of a just
      and lasting peace in the Middle East."

      Resolution 248: March 24, 1968 -- "Condemns the
      military action launched by Israel in flagrant
      violation of the United Nations Charter and the
      cease-fire resolutions," which was of a "large-scale
      and carefully planned nature."

      Resolution 256: August 16, 1968 -- "Condemns the
      further military attacks launched by Israel in
      flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter and
      resolution 248 (1968) and warns that if such attacks
      were to be repeated, the Council would duly take
      account of
      the failure to comply with the present resolution."

      Resolution 298: September 25, 1971 -- "Deplores the
      failure of Israel to respect the previous resolutions
      [Security Council resolutions 252 and 267, and General
      Assembly resolutions 2253 and 2254]," and "confirms in
      the clearest possible terms that all legislative and
      administrative actions taken by Israel to change the
      status of the City of Jerusalem, including
      expropriation of land and properties, transfer of
      populations and legislation aimed at the incorporation
      of the occupied section, are totally invalid and
      cannot change that

      Resolution 347: April 24, 1974 -- "Condemns Israel's
      violation of Lebanon's territorial integrity and
      sovereignty and calls once more on the Government of
      Israel to refrain from further military actions
      and threats against Lebanon. . Calls upon Israel
      forthwith to release and return to Lebanon the
      abducted Lebanese civilians."

      Resolution 515: July 29, 1982 -- "Demands that the
      Government of Israel lift immediately the blockade of
      the city of Beirut in order to permit the dispatch of
      supplies to meet the urgent needs of the civilian
      population and allow the distribution of aid provided
      United Nations agencies and by non-governmental

      Resolution 573: October 4, 1985 -- "Having noted with
      concern that the Israeli attack has caused heavy loss
      of human life and extensive material damage . Condemns
      vigorously the act of armed aggression perpetuated by
      Israel against Tunisian territory in flagrant
      violation of the Charter of the United Nations,
      international law and norms of conduct."

      Resolution 672: October 12, 1990 -- "Condemns
      especially the acts of violence committed by the
      Israeli security forces resulting in injuries and loss
      of human life; calls upon Israel, the occupying power,
      to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and
      responsibilities under the Geneva Convention relative
      to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War."

      Resolution 1322: October 7, 2000 -- "Deplores the
      provocation carried out at Al-Haram Al-Sharif in
      Jerusalem on 28 September 2000, and the subsequent
      violence there and at other Holy Places. . Condemns
      of violence, especially the excessive use of force
      against Palestinians, resulting in injury and loss of
      human life."

      Resolution 1435: September 24, 2002 -- "Alarmed at the
      reoccupation of Palestinian cities as well as the
      severe restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement
      of persons and good, and gravely concerned at the
      humanitarian crisis being faced by the Palestinian

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