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coming together as one

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  • biostar_a
    How much stress can Mother Earth take before she breaks? We re on the verge of finding out. Catastrophic collapse of the global life-supporting biosphere is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2010
      How much stress can Mother Earth take before she breaks? We're on the verge of finding out. Catastrophic collapse of the global life-supporting biosphere is already underway. Everywhere we turn we experience warning signs, far too numerous to list here. Is there anything we can do about the situation? The answer is a resounding YES !!! We can learn to live a sustainable lifestyle, one which not only does not pollute the planet but also heals it. Nobody is going to do this sacred work for you. Yet, with the help of the Great Spirit there is a way we can do it together. Let me explain …

      A major reorganization of human civilization is overdue. The way we live, do business with each other, and relate to nature can be reformed and restructured from the grassroots up. There are many groups who are working along these lines but few who have the resources necessary to make much of a dent in the machinery of corporate industry and the media owned by it. Don't worry. While there is little power in small groups, when they work together for mutual aid and support, they create synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Do you get where I'm going here? By working together cooperatively, without losing individual sovereignty, we may form a larger entity than anyone thought possible, one which has the financial power to shift reality in favor of sustainable lifestyles. All we need to do is make the connections within and without.

      What does this "reorganization of human civilization" look like? How does it function? What part does the individual play within it? Who is in charge? What is it's legal structure? Does it provide me with a job? How much does it cost? Yes, these questions (and others) are valid, important, worth answering. One thing is certain: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results". We are not interested in repeating past mistakes, duplicating previous errors, or tearing down the current civilization since iIt is already doing that to itself. Rather, we are concerned with living in alignment with nature and maintaining a high level of civilization in the process, something worth passing on to future generations.

      So, what works? How does one "pool resources for mutual aid and support" without being swallowed up by corporate controlled government or sucked into a crazy cult? The answer is simple, so simple that most people simply overlook it or, if they notice, they don't believe it is possible. Yet, the answer is not only possible, it is actually the only way it works together, the only way we can put our puzzle pieces together. We have to love one another. The guide to how to do this is built in. All the great religions of the world point to the same place and it has nothing to do with anything or anybody in the external world. They all say that the answer is within. What does that mean?

      We do not live above, below, or to the left or right of reality. We live within it. That's why we have to "turn within" if we want results. Do you attempt to communicate with the Great Spirit/god/dess (whatever you call the whole of which we are a part)? Do you pray, meditate, reflect, and pay attention? What does this metaphysical stuff have to do with "pooling resources" or the "reorganization of human civilization"? You might turn within and ask yourself that question. Atheists are not excluded. All we need are people who can read the code as written in the heart, the one which reveals the truth and points each of us in our correct direction. Scary, isn't it? What if we are all the same being inhabiting many bodies and the problems we encounter are caused by those who do not follow the instructions found within?

      We know the type. We resemble the type. Everyone I know, myself included, has a difficult time trusting anyone else enough to love them with all one's heart. You know what I mean. Most of us have a difficult time trusting the message of our heart, let alone another person. That's because our bodies and senses keep telling us that we are alone in the physical world, fending for ourselves by hook or crook, trying to keep our bodies alive and have as much fun as we can before we croak, and doing it in a competitive "dog eat dog" culture. Whew! No wonder so many people give up on the Great Spirit. How could any loving deity allow the horrors of the world to exist? Sorry folks but the truth is that WE ARE THE HANDS of the One Whole of which we are all a part. There is only one Master Puzzle that needs to be put together to make the new whole, the one which is sustainable.

      What does your puzzle piece consist of? What mission are you encoded with? What is your Craft of Life? I'm asking you to go past the job description which defines your current lifestyle, beyond the personas you might play games with, further than a snide comment or a ego-driven exclamation. I'm asking you to ask yourself what you are really here on the planet to do and then SHARE THE ANSWER. What do you have to lose? The herd is already falling off the cliff. You don't want to go there too - do you?

      Every Child is a Star! Love is the Law of the emerging AEON
      Friend of the elves, Jade Dragon
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