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International letters of support for a little girl and her mascara pentacles.

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  • Rev. Toby Nixon
    Despite what you may think about the incident and how the way the school district handled it, disrupted school and all of our lives. It made us realize just
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2007
      Despite what you may think about the incident and how the way the
      school district handled it, disrupted school and all of our lives.

      It made us realize just how school officials discriminate against our
      children and people who don't agree with us, disrupt our lives as Pagans.

      Changing us forever.


      Some of us are in Solidarity with her. I wore a pentacle on my "left
      cheek just below [my] left eye" to school with several people joining
      me. Of course I am an adult and I go to College, but still that
      doesn't make it any different.

      Other People have sworn to do the same thing. One simple, accepted act
      of civil disobedience of one brave little girl with the support of her
      parents did not go unnoticed or passed of as trouble making.

      Let me remind everyone that her mascara was after other students
      forcibly taking her pentacle from around her neck.

      Her teachers confiscating her other pentacles.

      And the Superintendent stating that a pentacle would be allowed IF NO
      ONE complained?

      Do we stop being Pagans if people complain? I think some of us are
      content with that, I am not, Sky and her parents weren't.

      "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
      -Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from a Birmingham JAIL.

      Unfortunately, when I asked my school administration if the act was
      against school policy, they said no.

      I am not considered a trouble maker in my school, where almost
      everyone here has seen my Pentacle. Thats more than 100 thousand people.

      The Associated Student Council of City College asked me to explain why
      I did it and then they all nodded and were actually quiet while they
      thought about it.

      So here, where the resistance is heaviest, I am going to post selected
      notes of support. That I have received. These are mostly anonymous
      since I only know their user names and don't really want to post them
      without their permission. I can however prove each and every single
      one is not scripted and unsolicited from a real person, who thinks
      that the banning of a pentacle is wrong.

      These comments are not all from the petition which is again @:

      "Thats the most ridiculous thing I've heard yet. Who in the hell gave
      anyone right to choose what you should wear or who you should praise.
      The cross is a symbol of faith as well as the pentacle. No one and i
      mean NO ONE should judge another based on this. I'm with you all the
      way you have my support indeed!!!! I may not be a full fledge Pagan
      myself but i love to analyze it very much. And i too wear a pentacle
      on my left hand. Everyone should band together and fight that in
      school. Blessings to you my friend. Have a great day Toby and believe
      me you eventually all that is right will prevail. If i harm none do as
      thou wilt...blessed be!!!!!!!!"

      "I already signed it sweetie, I will be wearing a pentacle on my cheek
      during my big party tonight to help promote awareness and in solidarity."

      "Don't give up on this fight. Any one that wears the pentacle is
      fighting the same cause but in a different way."

      "Sky, What a wonderful young lady you must be. I'm proud of you for
      standing up for your beliefs at such a young age. You will go far in
      life. Melissa"

      "Thank you sky for staying strong and standing by what you believe in.
      through your actions/circumstance, you have touched the hearts of
      thousands, and are truly an inspiration to us all."

      "Personal Peace outweighs conservative restrictions. They will do
      anything to take that away. Your life is yours, do with it what you
      must or more importantly, want. Peace come unto you."

      "I fully support the effort of standing for whats right. I am sorry
      this is happening to you Sky. You have my full support and heartfelt

      "Good work for standing up to what you believe, and I hope everything
      works out for the best. A non violent stand can be very effective in
      promoting a change, and although I'm on the other side of the globe,
      I'll follow suit and wear face painted pentacles to uni next week.
      Thank you for what you have done, and good luck in all you do :) may
      all your days be blessed with much Love, Light and Laughter."

      "Keep firm in your faith, Sky. Who knows? Perhaps some day in the near
      future, other Pagan children will be told your tale as an example.
      You're a hero in the making! I'm sure that your parents must be
      extremely proud of you. Blessed Be, Talitha Dragonfly HPS Pennypack

      "I support your endeavors and your family dedication to supporting
      this very important issue. Rock on! Blessed be to you and your kin."

      "Sky and her parents: Know that you have many who support you in your
      stance against intolerance. Keep strong!"

      "Sky, I commend you for your courage. You represent us all and we
      stand behind you."

      "We stand in solidarity with you and your family sky!!!! Never give up!!!"

      "Sky, Andy and Sharene are true believers, by the power vested in me,
      by my title of Arch-High Priest of the Church of Pagan Power."
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