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Backyard Blues! [3-18-06]

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  • Will Dockery
    Local to Columbus Georgia: ...The newest Shadowville venue, so new it isn t even finished yet and doesn t quite have a name except the old Coin-Op Laundry
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13 3:50 AM
      Local to Columbus Georgia:

      " ...The newest Shadowville venue, so new it isn't
      even finished yet and
      doesn't quite have a name except "the old Coin-Op
      Laundry on the edge of the
      Hysterical District" at 102 6th Street will be having
      the first:


      3pm-8pm, with Mufftones, Dockery, Conley, Katt Redd
      [used to be the
      Cybercats] and two long open mic spaces...pass the
      word to all the
      Shadowville musicians, rain-or-shine, and it's
      abso-fucken-lutely free...

      This place is a block over from the annual Riverfest
      stretch, and that's
      what Tom's gearing up to play into, with more art,
      music, poetry to add to
      the mix..."

      Ozone Stigmata, the video:

      Art, music, poetry by Will Dockery & Friends:

      Art, music, poetry of Will Dockery:

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