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[SoHo internet live] Friends Of The Oppressed Lovers Of Truth

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  • Will Dockery
    Follicle, are you out there? Don t know if you read the message, but my poet pal Mike Cook of Michigan wants to test his new equipment with a live internet
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Follicle, are you out there? Don't know if you read
      the message, but my poet pal Mike Cook of Michigan
      wants to test his new equipment with a live internet
      broadcast of Will Dockery & Friends in the near

      The current plan is to broadcast from SoHo on a Monday
      open mic, a set with me and Henry Conley being the
      centerpiece, with my favorite muscians and poets from
      Shadowville surrounding us, as well as anyone who
      wants to perform, being open mic. <more info at

      It would of course be an honor for Jones
      Ave/Superczar/SFBlue to do a set, plus, like Henry and
      me, ya'll are well known in Holland, and it's to be
      publicized heavily over there and in other European
      nations, as well as other points globally.

      I'd like to do the "Greybeard Cavalier" number, for
      sure! Lemmie know and I'll add ya'll to the flyers I'm

      The Netherlands/Shadowville cross cultural exchange
      project <http://www.kannibaal.nl/shadowville.htm>

      "Mirror Twins":

      "God Smiles":

      --- FOLLICLE <follicle777@...> wrote:

      > >"Friends Of The Oppressed Lovers Of Truth -A
      > Jerry Miller Benefit For the
      > >Community-
      > >
      > >Tacoma, Washington - A benefit for Jerry Miller,
      > Moby Grape guitarist, will
      > >be held at Fenders Premier Rock Club in Tacoma
      > on March 12, 2005. The
      > >benefit is being put together by Debra Kennard
      > and the many friends of
      > >Jerry
      > >Miller and Moby Grape. The goal is to help Jerry
      > Miller get his financial
      > >house in order, so he can concentrate on his
      > music and make a reality of
      > >some of his ideas he has for the community.
      > Jerry Miller, once heralded as
      > >the best guitarist in San Francisco, is
      > interested in a church that he went
      > >to as a child. It has been up for rent and
      > possibly lease with option to
      > >buy. Jerry has been leaning towards the church,
      > mainly because it is in the
      > >community and there he can use it for an out
      > reach for musicians and teach
      > >music. Jefferson Airplane founding member, Bob
      > Harvey will be the headliner
      > >for the upcoming benefit. Bob found his way back
      > to writing and recording
      > >music with the band "San Francisco Blue". The
      > name was chosen because San
      > >Francisco and Bluegrass music are the roots of
      > his music. Bob founded the
      > >Slippery Rock String Band in 1963 and reformed
      > the band in late 1965 after
      > >leaving the Airplane. What San Francisco Blue is
      > all about is rooted in
      > >bluegrass music but strongly influenced by both
      > folk-rock and psychedelic
      > >music. Over the past several months, Bob has
      > been recording a new studio
      > >Album called "Hurting For People". The title cut
      > is a song originally
      > >written by Bob Harvey and Skip Spence (Moby
      > Grape) when they were both
      > >members of Jefferson Airplane. The concept of
      > the benefit came to Debra
      > >Kennard, a long time friend of Jerry Miller's,
      > when she found out that
      > >Jerry
      > >was in need of a place to relocate. Other, local
      > bands, that will be there
      > >to help raise money for this cause are, 'It
      > Don't Matter' with bassist Rick
      > >Burton, who was bass player and founding member
      > of Jerry Miller's band,
      > >DiaBando'. Also, 'Billy Shew Band', Knucklehead
      > and Ender Brothers. The
      > >bands that are contributing to this benefit are
      > doing so because they
      > >respect Jerry Miller. Tickets will be on sale at
      > the door for $10.00 a
      > >head.
      > >

      Art, music, poetry of Will Dockery:

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