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Ballad Of The Cook's Daughter [press release]

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  • Will Dockery
    Ballad Of The Cook s Daughter: A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
      Ballad Of The Cook's Daughter:

      "A little patience, and we shall see the reign of
      witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the
      people, recovering their true sight, restore their
      government to it's true principles... If the game runs
      sometimes against us at home we must have patience
      till luck turns, and then we shall have an
      opportunity of winning back the principles we have
      lost, for this is a game where principles are the
      stake." -Thomas Jefferson, 1798.

      "You who philosophise disgrace, and criticise all
      fears, bury the rag deep in your face, now is the time
      for your tears." -Bob Dylan, 1964.

      "Yes, but a man can't really savor a martini without
      an olive, otherwise it just doesn't quite make
      it." -Trapper John McIntyre, 1970.

      The Netherlands/Shadowville cross cultural exchange
      project <http://www.kannibaal.nl/shadowville.htm> has
      been developing nicely, and in the coming months, the
      CD "Chilling Tales Of Rude Lubbers", will be gradually

      The first poem/song, "Autograph Of Zorro", has been
      quickly evolving in performances with my folk hero
      comrades Henry, Grumpy, and the others. An Mp3 of
      "Zorro" can be heard online at:

      "Autograph Of Zorro" {from *Shadowville Live*}:

      Stephan, *the* Shadowville bartender, has concocted
      the reknowned Zorro Shot, as well as making the superb
      007 Martini, the "Vesper", as Ian Fleming described

      "Three measures of Gordon's gin, one measure of vodka,
      half a measure of Lillet vermouth. Shake very well
      until ice cold. Serve in a deep champagne goblet with
      large, thin slice of lemon peel. <from Casino Royale,
      the book, not the movie> Then, taking the cue from
      Richard Hooker's M*A*S*H <the movie, not the
      television show>, replace the lemon peel with an

      Stephansometimes can be convinced to play the "Zorro"
      Mp3 at SoHo <http://www.sohobarandgrill.com> in the
      very late hours. Soho was also the scene of the first
      video recording of this, for the Dutch audience:

      "Autograph Of Zorro" {digital video}:
      This was recorded onstage with Henry Conley, Rick
      "Uncle Grumpy" Edwards, Rbt. Earl Lowry, and
      Shadowville's prettiest poet, Jocelyn. More video is
      planned to be shot [by Lawrence Sinclair] over time at
      the Loft on Wednesdays, and perhaps more at SoHo.

      Next up in the "Chilling Tales Of Rude Lubbers"
      poem/song cycle is the adaptation of the poem sent to
      us by Hal Womack about the 1989 murder of 15 year old
      Celina Ramos
      <http://www.uca.edu.sv/martires/juntas.jpg> along with
      her mother, servants of the six Central American
      priests who were the main targets of the killers.


      All quiet within the cathedral tonight,
      Except here and there a stray witness
      Is shot as she hides at the back of the hall
      By a murder squad hot on its business.
      �Tis nothing, a servant or so now and then
      Will scarce count in the news on the telly,
      Not an ad-visor lost, only two more of them
      With their brains on the floor like plum jelly.
      All quiet within the cathedral tonight.

      Nigh in the sky o'er the shanties below
      The rockets and gatlings are firing.
      So we wage war �gainst El Salvador
      With the puppets and traitors we're hiring.
      The Washington crowd with their trinkets so proud,
      Who think they are being quite clever,
      As they lie and they kill in the name of our will
      Are shaming our country forever.
      All quiet within the cathedral tonight.

      Hark to the sound of the President's voice
      As he praises his pal Cristiani!
      Hello, my friends, will you give me the choice,
      I say, Hang them both, please, from a high tree !
      Will we begin our task hard and grim
      Guided by memories tender
      Of the children and wives who have paid with their
      For our trust in this monstrous pretender ?
      All quiet within the cathedral tonight.

      Lying there still on the dark, stone cold floor,
      The remains of the mother and daughter.
      Sleep lightly tonight as you dream of the scene,
      For your taxes have gone to their slaughter.
      All quiet within the cathedral tonight,
      What sound save the candles' soft flicker
      And the scur of the rats as they gather around
      While the red sticky pools grow thicker?
      All quiet within the cathedral tonight.

      -Hal Womack, 1989, All Rights Reserved, used with

      Henry Conley is arranging the music for this piece, as
      with the previous ones, and over the next weeks we'll
      be evolving this into another recording, on the return
      of "Guvnah" Dan Davidson from his duties in the
      National Guard, over the coming holidays. Among the
      places you can observe this evolution of a poem/song:
      Soho Mondays, Del Ranch Tuesdays & Thursdays, The Loft
      Wednesdays. You can catch me almost every night [very
      late!] at Soho, where I welcome your input on this and
      other matters of poetry and art, as it imitates life,
      imitating art.

      Art, music, poetry of Will Dockery:

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