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Re: [Columbus_Temple] Glad you all made it

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  • Ironywaves
    ... From: Ellen To: Columbus_Temple@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2003 1:59 PM Subject: [Columbus_Temple] Glad you all made it I hope you guys
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      From: Ellen
      Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2003 1:59 PM
      Subject: [Columbus_Temple] Glad you all made it

      I hope you guys' ghost sandwiches did not disappear. The cemetary
      crawl?  It kind of reminds me of that song, 'The Watermelon
      crawl' ...a country song about drinking and driving.  You
      encountered other's (among the living) at the cemetary?  Did you all
      make it into RiverDale or a private one?  At any rate, it sounds
      like you all had a pretty good time and things turned out well in
      the end.  I went to East Porterdale.  Since I got dropped on my head
      I can't tell dawn from dusk much anymore, but to my knowledge, I did
      not break the law.  I am going to try and confirm some things from
      my experience out there...maybe the library or the newspaper.  It
      was a little upsetting; but, that was only two incidents, not the
      entire time.  Glad to hear you all turned the tides of the powers
      that be (were). 

      All Hallows Eve was an odd one for me... worked until almost 2am, in that space of time, dodged an oncoming car on Victory Drive... driving up the lane on traffic... cars twisting everywhichway to dodge this Halloween F**kwit, another guy, a pedestrian, was hit-and-runned, hit with such force it knocked his shoes off, the cook/manager at the pizza joint was almost driven to shoot some punks in the parking lot smashing beer bottles, and eventually smashed one of the window of the pizza joint... and it wasn't even a full moon.

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