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3941YuleLikeIt - December 17-19, 2010 – Summerland – Bonita Springs, Florida

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  • Glyndwer
    Nov 12, 2010
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      There is a story told of the first people facing the cold winter and the sun so far away in the sky…when the people petitioned the moon to ask for help, she told them to raise their voices in song and the sun would return. But they did not know what "song" was, so the moon told them to go to the top of the mountain, put their heart and soul to their voice…. and "yule". So they did….They took their drums and their voices and opened their hearts…. the first "yuletide". The sun heard and was amazed and curious. He started moving closer… the earth warmed and spring began…. the circle of life continued. So, every time since, when the sun goes far in the sky and the earth is cold…. earth's people "yule" for the sun and he is pleased. He returns to warm us and the Mother Earth, bringing forth the light.
      We, as Earth's people, will bring our drums and our voices to the fire circle. We will light the "yule" log and let the sun hear our prayers. We will fulfill the promise of returning light with our song!
      Wendyl Jay of Manna Reading Center - will be facilitating the Yule ritual. The whole ritual will be sung and drummed…. magic is all around us, come and feel it.

      Cheri Shanti - – aka Cheri Lunn, has been creating, organizing and facilitating unique, and transformational experiences for people across the world for the past 12 years.

      World Collision -World Collision is an eclectic group of musicians and artists whose talents integrate seamlessly to create the most infectious music currently produced.

      Flammable Babylon

      Founded by Martin Greywolf Murphy (Umoja, Shredd!, Extraordinary Fila), Flammable Babylon is a high-energy, multi-cultural fusion-driven experimental percussion ensemble incorporating a profound diversity of percussive instruments, techniques, and styles.

      Rhythm Church

      Clint Tipton of Paralounge, will be conducting Rhythm Church Sunday morning. Rhythm church is a non-religious workshop that promotes the spiritual quality within musical interaction. Rhythm Church explores our natural capability to heal and evolve through interaction, self confidence and group awareness.