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!! Ballina Chronicle; Apr 24, 1850; Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, April 24, 1850 (From the Malta Mail of March 30) On Sunday last, notice was given in the Roman Catholic
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, April 24, 1850

      (From the Malta Mail of March 30)
      On Sunday last, notice was given in the Roman Catholic Churches, that
      for the future no Intermarriages would be permitted between parties, one of
      whom professed the Roman Catholic and the other the Protestant faith, except
      under a solemn premise that the children to be born thereof should be
      brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. On the same day public notice was
      given from the altar of the Cathedral church of St. Paul, that for the
      future no banns of a marriage would be published, or the solemnity performed
      between parties as above, of opposite religious faith, if either had sworn,
      in the court of the Roman Catholic Bishop, to bring up the children in the
      Roman Catholic faith. His Lordship the Bishop of Gibraltar concluded, and we
      think with much reason, that the parents who would consent to such a
      sacrifice, had better themselves embrace the profession to which the
      children are thus by parental weakness, so unceremoniously condemned.

      A very singular case, which occupied the attention of the Commissioner
      of Insolvents now holding his court in this city, is suggestive of serious
      ground for reflection. We allude to the case of Mr. John Joseph Tangney, a
      solicitor, who, unhappily for himself, as it has turned out, and not
      fortunately for others, united to his professional avocations the trade of
      bill discounting. The moral of the transaction has been read in the court of
      insolvents- Although Mr. Tangney charged an average of £46 on every £100,
      and frequently (according to the evidence of Mr. White) received £100 for
      every £30 which he advanced to some desperate claimant for a loan, the
      result is--the insolvent court! His case is adjourned to next commission.
      But Mr. Tangney, the solicitor, is not the only victim of his own usurious
      money dealings; Mr. White, a member of the same profession, bitterly regrets
      that he ever entered upon the crooked path, and abandoned the legitimate
      road. He also had his golden dreams, his Visions of wealth; and he is now
      living in the jail of this city, after having lost £1000--Cork Examiner.

      At the Dublin Police-office, on Friday, Thomas Seamon of 11
      Dame-street, was fined £5 for having a lottery at his bazaar, the
      magistrates staffing, if her persisted, he would in future be mulct in 100l.

      Mr. Litton, Master in Chancery, is dangerously ill.

      Dysentery is prevalent in the gaol of Ennis, which is overcrowded, and
      two prisoners died of the disease this week.

      William Blood, Esq, son of Bindon Blood, Esq, is appointed to the chair
      of Civil Engineering in Galway Queen's College.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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