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!! Ballina Chronicle; Apr 24, 1840; Meeting of Guardians

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, April 24, 1850 MEETING OF GUARDIANS Ballina Union - The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, April 24, 1850

      Ballina Union - The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union
      was held in the Boardroom on Saturday, Edward Howley, Esq. in the chair.
      Among the other guardians present were - Captain Atkinson, Mr. Jones,
      Captain J. Knox, Mr. Malley, Mr. Paget, Mr. E. Orme, Mr. Gardiner, Major
      J.F. Knox and Mr. Wills.
      The following return of the staff of the workhouse with their
      respective salaries, was held before the Board agreeably to Mr. Paget's
      notice of motion:-
      List of Officers at present employed in the Ballina Union, together
      with the dates of their appointment, Salaries per annum, &c.:

      Rev. A. Moore, Protestant Chaplain, 16th June, 1849, 20l. no rations.
      Rev. Dominick Madden, Roman Catholic chaplain, 8th May, 1849, 75l.; no
      Mark H. Devlin, Medical Officer, 19th April, 1847; 100l.; no rations.
      James M'Nair, Apothecary, 7th December, 1846, 50l.; no rations.
      Patrick M'Nulty, Clerk of the Union, 12th April, 1847, 100l. including
      all assistants; no rations.
      Thomas Hart, Master, 1st August, 1842, 80l.; rations and apartments.
      Mrs. Catherine Hart, Matron, 22d. December, 1849, 30l.; rations and
      Miss Kilkenny, auxiliary matron, 29th September, 1849, 30l.; rations
      and apartments.
      Anthony Bourke, auxiliary master, 4th February, 1848, 20l.; rations and
      Jeremiah Lonigan, auxiliary master, 30th March, 1848, 20l.; rations and
      Joseph Cullen, schoolmaster, 21st Dec, 1846, 20l.; rations and
      William Johnston, assistant schoolmaster, 12th January, 1850, 10l.;
      rations and apartments.
      James Gill, master tailor, 30th Dec, 1848, 26l.; apartments and
      Miss Quigley, schoolmistress, 5th Jan. 1850, 15l. rations and
      Jane Bourke, assistant schoolmistress, 27th July, 1848, 10l.; rations
      and apartments.
      James Hart, master's clerk, 11th Nov, 1848, 20l; rations and
      Wm. M'Loughlin, porter, 28th April, 1849, 15l.; rations and apartments.
      Catherine Grehin, infirmary nurse, 4th Feb, 1849, 15l.; rations and
      Eliza James, infirmary nurse, 27th Jan, 1849, 10l.; rations and
      Ally Toohill, infirmary nurse, 17th Nov, 1848, 10l.8s.;rations and
      Ann Malley, infirmary nurse, 17th Feb, 1849, 10l.8s; rations and
      Total amount of Officers Salaries..........£716 16 0
      Add cost of Officer's rations for a year...232 0 0
      Total................. 948 16 0

      Annesley Knox, 7th January, 1848, 25l; no rations.
      John Anderson, 30th March, 1848, 25l; no rations.
      Michael O'Malley, 16th August, 1847, 25l.; no rations.
      John M'Hale, 16th August, 1847; 25l.; no rations.
      George Robinson, 8th June, 1848, 25l.; no rations.
      John Peter Nolan, 27th Oct, 1849, 25l.; no rations.
      John Robinson, 21st July, 1849, 25l; no rations.
      Total.......... £175 0 0

      Doctor William Whitaker, medical officer, 91l.5s.; no rations.
      Dr. Robert Atkinson, apothecary, 54l.12s.; no rations.
      William Kearney, steward, 20l.; rations.
      Mrs. Rodgers, matron; pro tem, 12l.; rations.
      Catherine Barrett, nursetender, 10l.8s.; rations.
      Bridget Rooney, nursetender, 10l.8s.; rations.
      Mary M'Nallin, nursetender, 10l.8s.; rations.
      Letty Reynolds, nursetender, 10l.8s.; rations.
      Margaret Gardiner, nursetender, 10l.8s.; rations.
      Total............. £229 17 0

      Gross total from the Three Classes.............. £1353 13 0

      NOTE - The foregoing is the Return moved for by Thomas Paget, Esq., on last
      Board day, and which return Mr. Paget moved should be printed for the
      information of the Guardians and Ratepayers of the Union, preparatory to his
      bringing it before the Board on next day of meeting.
      By order, PATRICK M'NULTY,
      Clerk of the Union.
      April 20, 1850.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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