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Misc Ads PA Gazette 1760-1767

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    January 17, 1760 The Pennsylvania Gazette Notice is hereby given, that if Joseph Martin, who left Bally Martin, in the County of Down, near Killiney, in
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      January 17, 1760
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Notice is hereby given, that if Joseph Martin, who left Bally
      Martin, in the County of Down, near Killiney, in Ireland, on
      the 10th of July, 1750, and took his Passage from Lairn for
      New York, is still alive, and will come to the New Printing
      Office, in Market street, Philadelphia, he will hear of
      something to his Advantage.

      N.B. Said Joseph Martin kept School some time in the
      July 24, 1760
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      WHEREAS one Hugh Alexander, and his Wife Elizabeth, with three
      Children, named Martha, Mary and William, left Ireland, from
      the County of Tarone, and Town of Balamana, within 1 Mile of
      Cookes Town, about 21 Years ago. If all, or any of them, be
      alive, and will apply to Mr. William Carson, Peruke maker, in
      Front street, Philadelphia, may hear of something to their

      N.B. Also one Mr. Toranes Moress, who came over with the
      said Hugh Alexander, and is lame, if he will also apply to the
      abovesaid Mr. Carson, may hear of something to his Advantage.

      November 13, 1760
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      NOTICE is hereby given, that if a certain Richard Kelly, Son
      to Mr. John Kelly, Merchant, in Galway, in Ireland, be living,
      who came to America in the Year 1750, and has formerly taught
      School near Mr. Robert McMullin, in Darby Township, by
      repairing to the Printers hereof next Saturday, or any other
      Saturday till the first of next April, and, by certain Marks,
      proving himself to be the same, may hear of something greatly
      to his Advantage.

      N.B. The Reason why on Saturday, and no other Day in the
      Week, is because the Person who can give proper Intelligence,
      as he lives in the Country, cannot with Convenience attend on
      other Days. If said Kelly is in Being, he is required to leave
      a Memorandum at the New Printing Office.


      July 16, 1761
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      WHEREAS a certain THOMAS BELL, from the North of Ireland, has
      by a Letter, dated October 1760, informed his Father John
      Bell, of his having been a cruising in several of the
      Privateers belonging to New York, and also of his Success in
      the same, and desired him to send his Brother William to this
      Country, on whose Arrival he was to apply to Mr. Beard in
      Water street, three Doors above Walnut street, Philadelphia,
      or write to him at Mr. James Smithin Milford Township; all
      which the aforesaid William Bell has performed; but the said
      Beard and Smith are said to have left the Places they then
      occupied: For which Reason the said William Bell takes this
      Method to inform his said Brother, that he may hear of him, by
      applying to Mr. Redmond Conyngham, Merchant in Market street,
      Philadelphia, or to Mr. John Crawford, in Warrington Township,
      Bucks County.


      July 7, 1763
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      IF FRANCIS GALLAGHER, from Letterkenny, in Ireland, who landed
      at New York last October, will apply to William Gallagher, in
      second street, Philadelphia, by Letters, or in Person, he will
      hear of something greatly to his Advantage.


      August 18, 1763
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      IF ROBERT STEVENSON, Son of JOHN STEVENSON, in the Townland of
      Cotton, Parish of Bangor, and County of Down, in Ireland, is
      living, and will apply to DAVID HALL, Printer in Philadelphia,
      or JAMES McCARTNEY, in New York, he will hear of something
      greatly to his Advantage.


      December 8, 1763
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Whereas Thomas Hamilton came from Nickmany, in the County of
      Tyrone, in Ireland, about Thirty Years ago; these are to
      acquaint said Hamilton, if living, or any of his Family, that
      David Cockran; a SisterSon of his, came to Philadelphia
      about a Year ago, but can get no Intelligence of said
      Hamilton. If any Person will send a Letter to Mr. Patrick
      Anderson, in Charlestown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, for
      the Subscriber, acquainting where said Hamilton, or any of his
      Family are, they shall be thankfully rewarded, by DAVID


      February 23, 1764
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      NOTICE is hereby given That there was a certain young Man,
      called Alexander Wilson, came from the County of Mannaughan,
      in Ireland, in the Year 1763, upon Redemption, with a certain
      Man, of the Name of Wilson, who said he knew the said young
      Man Father, who lives in Bert Township, in Lancaster County,
      and said Master did promise to deliver said young Man unto his
      Father Thomas Wilson, living in the above mentioned Place; but
      as the Father cannot hear of him, he supposes he is sold to
      some other Person, therefore if any Person can or will give
      Notice of the said young Man to his Father Thomas Wilson, or
      to Andrew Work, Esq; or James Marshall, shall be handsomely
      rewarded by either of the three Men.

      May 24, 1764
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      THIS is to inform ALEXANDER HAWTHORN, who came from about
      Merow, in the County of Derry, in Ireland, that he has Goods
      sent him from his Friends, which are now in the Hands of
      William Applebee, on the North West Side of the Dock, near the
      Stone Bridge, in Second street; where if the said Hawthorn
      will apply, he may receive the Goods, on proving his Property,
      and paying the Expences.

      February 14, 1765
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Baltimore Town, Maryland, February 4, 1765.
      MICHAEL LITTLE, and his Wife and Daughter, who lately came
      from Belfast, in Ireland, with Mr. Ore, Merchant, and thought
      to have left Philadelphia the 16th of November last, are
      hereby desired to acquaint the Subscriber where they are, as
      he now lives in Baltimore Town, by directing to the Care of
      Christopher Curtis, Cooper. If any one would inform the
      Subscriber where the above Persons are, he will be much
      obliged to them.


      June 13, 1765
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      IF SAMUEL HUNTER, Son of WILLIAM HUNTER, of Strabane, and
      County of Tyrone, in Ireland, is alive, and will call at the
      London Coffee house, in Philadelphia, he will receive a
      Letter, and hear of something considerable to his Advantage.


      September 26, 1765
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      This is to give Notice to Peter Wiley, who left Balymenough,
      in this County of Antrim, in Ireland, and has been in this
      Country two Years, that his Wife, and John McIlroy and his
      Wife, are come in, and have brought the Power of Attorney he
      wrote for. They are now living in West Nottingham, Chester
      County, within two Miles of the Rev. Mr. John Beald Meeting

      October 17, 1765
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      THESE are to acquaint David Young (Son of Edward Young of
      Auhagalian, near Omack, in the County of Tyrone, in Ireland,
      who came to Philadelphia in the Brig Dolphin, Captain Brown,
      about the latter End of August, or Beginning of September
      last, that if he will apply to JOSEPH JACOBS, in Market
      street, Philadelphia, he may hear of something to his
      Advantage. Any Person who can give any Intelligence of the
      said David Young is desired to inform the said Jacobs, which
      will be gratefully acknowledged.


      January 16, 1766
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Quebec, August 1, 1765.
      IF HORACE BRATTAN, or BRITTAN, Son of GEORGE BRATTAN, of Tullybroom, in the
      County of Tyrone, in the Kingdom of Ireland, Gentleman, deceased, who left
      Ireland about 30 Years ago, and came to Philadelphia, or any of his
      Children, be living: And also if William McBride, who left Ireland about 10
      Years ago, and came to Philadelphia, be living, or any of his Children, they
      will hear of something to their Advantage, by informing KENELON CHANDLER,
      and JOHN McCORD, of the City of Quebec, Executors of the last Will and
      Testament of Robert Britain, Esq; deceased, or either of them, by Letter, of
      their Names, Ages, and Places of Abode, and sending proper Certificates
      thereof to them. Mr. SAMUEL PURVIANCE jun. of the City of Philadelphia,
      Merchant, will in the mean Time give them Directions how to act.

      February 6, 1766
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      WHEREAS James Ross, a single Man, of the County of Derry, in the Kingdom of
      Ireland, came to Pennsylvania about four Years ago, and served his Time with
      one Mr. Speers, near St. George, in Maryland, and I the Subscriber, his
      Brother, have since come to his Country, and cannot hear where he is, if he
      be living, by applying to me, may hear of something to his Advantage, living
      with Hugh Quin, near the Sign of the Sheaf of Wheat, in Blockley Township,
      in Philadelphia County. WILLIAM PATTAN.

      March 20, 1766
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Mr. JAMES RAMSEY, WHO came from the County of Armagh, in the North of
      Ireland, to this Country, Ten or Twelve Years since, and settled at Little
      Britain, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, where he usually had his Letters
      directed to the Care of Samuel Scott, Esq; a Magistrate for said County,
      from which Place the said Ramsey removed to some Part of the Jerseys about a
      Year ago; will hear of something much to his Advantage by applying
      personally to Mr. William Gilliland, Merchant in New York; the sooner he
      applies, the better for him. New York, Jan. 7th 1766.


      August 28, 1766
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      IF Elizabeth Murphey (the Daughter of Edward Murphey, of Arklow, in the
      County of Wicklow, in Ireland) who came to America, several Years ago, and
      lived in Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, but is said now to live in or near
      Philadelphia, will call at Mr. Steuart Printing Office in Philadelphia, she
      will receive a Letter form her Brother Daniel Murphey, of Wilmington, on
      Cape Fear, North Carolina; that will give her Satisfaction. She is desired
      to leave an Answer at said Office, directed to the Care of

      A. STEUART, Printer in Wilmington.


      January 29, 1767
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      IF JUDY, otherwise Susanna Cadden Daughter of Charles Cadden, of Clougher,
      in the County of Tyrone, and Province of Ulster, in Ireland, who came to
      Philadelphia about 16 Years ago, with one Robert Wallace, be alive, she is
      desired to write to her Brother Philip Cadden, Corporal in Captain Butler
      Company in Halifax; and to Daniel O'Murphey living on Maquire Bridge, near
      Lisnasgay, in Fermanaugh County, Ireland. And if said Judy is dead, and said
      Robert Wallace knows where and when she died, whether married or not, and in
      what Circumstances, he is requested to transmit an Account thereof to the
      abovementioned Persons, which will be esteemed a particular Favour.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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