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!! Ballina Chronicle; Apr 17, 1850; Mayo Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, April 17, 1850 OUTRAGE - A few evenings since eight or ten idle ruffians assembled outside the residence of
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, April 17, 1850

      OUTRAGE - A few evenings since eight or ten idle ruffians assembled
      outside the residence of Captain Hamilton, the Inspector of this Union, and
      in the absence from home of this gentleman, commenced to throw stones
      through the windows and were proceeding with this work when they were
      stopped by Mr. William West who happened to be going by at the time, but not
      before they had broken several panes of the glass. Some, of them were given
      in charge to the police and committed to bridewell, their only excuse being
      hunger. The truth is that they were too lazy to work; though stout fellows
      and considered that they would succeed in compelling the Government or the
      Guardians to support them in their idleness by attacking Capt. Hamilton's
      house, not that they could have any personal enmity towards this gentleman.
      Yesterday, also, two fellows came towards his house with no good design, as
      was evident from their taking to their heels the moment they saw Captain
      Hamilton approach the door with a stick in his hand.

      EARLY POTATOES - We have seen a small dish of potatoes, called Ash-leaf
      Kidneys, grown in an open garden belonging to Mr. Robert Scott, on his
      well-managed farm at Scott's-grove, near this town. They are of a tolerable
      size, about thirty drills of which Mr. Scott expects will be fit to dig out
      for general use in a few weeks.

      SWINFORD UNION - The first meeting of the newly-elected guardians of
      this union was held on the 10th instant. Charles Strickland, Esq. was
      appointed chairman, E.P. MacDonnell, Esq., vice-chairman, and G.J. O'Malley,
      Esq., deputy-vice-chairman.

      ARREST OF PICKPOCKETS - A gang of pickpockets, made up of persons from
      different counties, found their way into this town on Monday and commenced,
      their trade of picking pockets and shoplifting. Head Constable Dillon and
      Constable Lougheed, to whom much credit is due for their alertness in the
      matter, kept a close watch upon seven or eight suspicious looking
      characters, and had four men and two women arrested immediately after they
      heard that £2 15s. was abstracted from the pocket of a woman who had just
      received it for a pig she had sold. Some shop goods belonging to Mr. Little
      and Mr. Nealon, were found on their persons. We also heard that silver had
      been stolen from Miss Hamilton of Newpark, while making purchases at Mr.
      Nealon's. The party was brought before the magistrates on yesterday and
      committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions. Had not these persons been
      arrested early in the day there can be no doubt there would be many more

      On Sunday last, the 14th instant, the Rev. Samuel Stock, A.M., was
      installed in the Cathedral, Killala, as Prebendary of Kilanley, and preached
      his first sermon for the year.
      The Rectory of Ballyhean, near Castlebar, vacant by the death of the
      Rev. Henry Pasley, is in the gift of the Bishop of Tuam.

      WESLEYAN MISSIONS - The annual meeting of the Wesleyan Missionary
      Society of this circuit was held in the Wesleyan Chapel of this town on
      yesterday evening, the chair being occupied by John Faussett, Esq. After the
      reading of the report by the Rev. N. Bass, the meeting, which was very
      numerously attended, was addressed by the Rev. W.O. Croggan, Superintendent
      of the Home Missions, the Rev. John Thomas, late Missionary to Western
      Africa, and other Ministers, and a collection made in aid of the funds of
      the society.

      Remaining in hospital on previous Saturday.....146
      Admitted during the week............................... 19
      Total treated during the week.........................165
      Died.............................................................. 19
      Remaining in Hospital Sat. April 13, 1850.......149
      WM. KEARNEY, Steward

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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