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!! Ballina Chronicle, Sep 12, 1849 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, Sept 12, 1849 AWFUL RESULT OF INTEMPERANCE- A Coroner s inquest was held yesterday, in the General
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, Sept 12, 1849

      AWFUL RESULT OF INTEMPERANCE- A Coroner's inquest was held yesterday, in the
      General Hospital, Frederick-street, on view of the body of Daniel Keane, a flax
      buyer, who came to his death under the following circumstances:- It appears that
      at about seven o'clock on Saturday night, deceased came home to his house, in
      Institution place, in a state of intoxication. His wife put him to bed, with his
      clothes on, and laid their two little children in bed beside him. Being worn out
      with fatigue, she threw herself across the bed and fell asleep forgetting to
      extinguish a candle which she had stuck on the bed post. After the candle had
      burned down a piece it fell upon the bed and set the clothes on fire. About two
      o'clock on Sunday morning she was awoke out of her sleep by the fire, and found
      the bed enveloped in flames. She immediately pulled deceased out of bed and
      caught up the two little children and carried them to the neighbouring house.
      She then returned to assist deceased, but on going to the door of the rooms she
      was almost suffocated, and found herself unable to enter.- The neighbours, in
      the meantime, were alarmed by her cries, and coming to her assistance they got
      deceased out, but before they effected this, his clothes were completely
      consumed and his body dreadfully burned. He was taken to the hospital where he
      expired about one o'clock on Sunday. The jury on the inquest returned a verdict
      of "casual death."--Belfast News Letter.

      SALE OF A LANDED IRISH PROPERTY- An estate consisting of 1534 acres of land,
      reclaimed from Lough Foyle, near Newtownlimavady, now in cultivation held from
      the Irish society for 100 years from 1837, at 150l. per annum till 1851, 400l.
      till 1887, and for 500l. till 1937, renewable at 100 years at a fine one years'
      improved rent, at 750l. per annum ground-rent, and for a third term of 100
      years, on payment of the like fine, at the yearly rent of 1000l. was put up for
      sale by order of the Court of Chancery. This estate was the property of John
      Robinson, Esq., deceased, and was sold for 35,000l.

      THE O'CONNELLS- On Tuesday, Mr. Maurice O'Connell, the first born of the
      late Liberator, arrived in his yacht in the Suir. He was accompanied by his
      brother "Dan." They promenaded our quays for some time on Tuesday, accompanied
      by a young gentleman, probably a nephew or relative, and passed along without a
      cheer or scarcely a recognition by any of the serfs who kissed the dust at the
      footstool of their father.-- Waterford Mail.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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