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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 27, 1824 ; Military Promotions

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, September 27, 1824 MILITARY PROMOTIONS War-Office, Sept. 17, 1824 15th Regiment of Light Dragoons - Troop Serjeant Major
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      Galway, Monday, September 27, 1824

      War-Office, Sept. 17, 1824
      15th Regiment of Light Dragoons - Troop Serjeant Major Chattle, to be
      Quarter-Master, vice Jenkins, who retires upon half pay.
      16th - Lieutenant-General Hamilton, from half-pay, 1st Dragoons, to be
      Lieutenant General, vice Williams who exchanges.
      1st Regiment of Foot - Lieutenant Campbell, from half-pay, 58th, to be
      Lieutenant, vice Smith, whose appointment has not taken place.
      15th - Ensign Thorald, from 38th to be Ensign vice Maunsell, who
      retires upon half pay 63d receiving the difference.
      17th - Lieutenant Peevor, to be Captain, without purchase, vice Rotten,
      deceased, Ensign Boscawen to be Lieutenant, vice Peevor.
      To be Ensigns - St. George Lister, gent, vice Roscawen; Ensign Deedes,
      from 50th, vice Lister, who exchanges.
      19th - Ensign and Adjutant Tydel, to have the rank of Lieutenant, dated
      2d September 1824.
      31st - Captain Cortlandt, from half-pay 35th to be Captain, vice
      Beamish, who exchanges receiving the difference.
      38th - Ensign Louth from 48th, to be Ensign, vice Thorald, appointed
      42d - Ensign Raynes, from 2d R V B to be Ensign vice Clarke, who
      retires upon half pay 31st.
      48th - Ensign Ward, from half-pay 63d to be Ensign, paying the
      difference, vice Louth, appointed to the 38th.
      50th - Major Wodchouse, to be Lieut-Colonel by purchase, vice Harrison
      who retires; Captain Custance, to be Major, by purchase, vice Wodchouse;
      Lieutenant Sergeantson to be Captain, by purchase, vice Custance; Ensign
      Foy, to be Lieutenant; by purchase, vice Sergeantson.
      To be Ensigns - George Deedes, gent, by purchase, vice Foy; Ensign
      Lister, from 47th, vice Deedes, who exchanges.
      52d - Lieutenant Wetherall, from half-pay 42d to be Lieutenant, vice
      Leeke, who exchanges.
      53d - Lieutenant Taggard, from half pay, to be Quarter-master, vice
      Steward, who exchanges.
      72d - Ensign Power, to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Spillers, who
      retires; Gent. Cadet W. Cotter, from R.M.C. to be Ensign by purchase, vice
      71st - Ensign Sergeantson, from half pay 32d, to be Ensign, vice
      Elphinstone, who exchanges.
      74th - Lieutenant Campbell, from half-pay 10th foot, to Lieutenant,
      vice Ramsden, who exchanges, receiving the difference; Ensigns Ansele, to be
      Adjutant, vice Ramsden, who resigns the Adjutancy only.
      77th - Lieutenant Williamson, from half pay 31st foot, to be
      Lieutenant, vice Douglas, who exchanges.
      Rifle Brigade- Lieutenant Loileau, to be Captain, by purchase, vice
      Hullen, who retires; Second Lieut Prampton to be first Lieutenant, by
      purchase, vice Boileau; Gent. Cadet R. Gower, from the R.M.C. to be second
      Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Prampton. [Loileau and Boileau transcribed as
      in article]
      2d West India Regiment - Brevet Major G. Jack, from half pay 20th foot,
      to be Captain, vice M'Neill, who exchanges.
      3d Royal Veteran Battalion - Ensign Shaw, from half pay 31st to be
      Ensign, vice Haynes, appointed to the 12d.
      Veteran Companies for service at Newfoundland - Lieutenant Abbott, from
      half pay 1st W.I.R. to be Lieutenant, vice Campbell, whose appointment has
      not taken place.

      Major M'Laine, from the 21st foot, to be Lieutenant-Colonel of
      Infantry, vice Major General Kerr, who retires.

      Major M'Donald of the 91st and late of the Portuguese Service, to be
      Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Captain Hatley (Staff Captain at Chatham) to
      be Major in the Army.

      Assistant Surgeon Reid from half pay York L.I.V. to be Assistant
      Surgeon in the Forces, vice Caldwell, whose appointment has not taken place.
      Commissions in the 1st Regiment of Royal Tower Hamlets Militia - C.H.
      Benzley, gent, to be Ensign, vice Elsey, resigned; C. Reynolds, gent to be
      surgeon, vice Edwards, resigned.
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