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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 27, 1824; Galway Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, September 27, 1824 DIED On the 16th instant, aged 70 years, the Reverend Raymond Hargadon, Parish Priest of Annadown. The
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      Galway, Monday, September 27, 1824

      On the 16th instant, aged 70 years, the Reverend Raymond Hargadon,
      Parish Priest of Annadown. The bright assemblage of the many Christian
      virtues and estimable qualities which addressed the life and the apostles
      and integrity which invariably marked the character of this pious and
      exemplary Ecclesiastic, have rendered him the universal esteem and
      veneration. For 36 years that he resided in this parish, he was
      unremittingly devoted to the dearest interests of his flock, in performing
      with edifying fidelity and exactness the sacred functions and arduous duties
      of a good Pastor. His frugal habits as well as the singular kindness of the
      very respectable family in which he lived for many years, enabled him to be
      always attentive to the wants of his indigent parishioners. But his charity,
      his favourite and characteristic virtue, shone with increased lustre at the
      eve of his life. He has some years back established a school in the Parish
      Chapel, to the masters of which he bequeathed in-perpetuity the interest of
      200l. for giving moral and religious instructions gratuitously to fifty of
      the most indigent and destitute children of the parish, and for giving
      chatechistical instructions to the youth in general on every Sunday both
      before and after Divine Service. When prevented by debility from visiting
      the abodes of distress during the last summer, he invited the poor and
      distributed in person among them upwards of 200l. In addition to these
      highly commendable instances of pure and disinterested charity, he
      bequeathed 40l. to the poor of his parish, 40l. to forward the interests of
      Catholic education, and 100l. to be applied to various charitable purposes.
      The inconsiderable residue of his effects he bequeathed to his poorer

      TO BE LET
      From the first of November next, for such term of years as may be agreed
      THE FLOUR AND CORN MILLS OF LACK, in the best Repair, with a Neat House
      and Ten Acres of Land, within five miles of Tuam and four of Dunmore.
      Applications to be made to Edward Birmingham, Esq., Millbrook, Tuam.
      September 27, 1824.

      TO BE LET
      From the 29th Instant,
      THE NEAT NEW HOUSE at Newtownsmith, with YARD, COACH HOUSE, STABLE, &c.
      now occupied by Mr. Mathew Kearney.
      The SHOP and BACK ROOM, at Newtownsmith, lately occupied by Mrs. Eliza
      And a SMALL APARTMENT, the Main-guard.
      Also, THE GRASS OF MEADOW PARKS, at Rahoon, until the 1st March next.
      Apply to Mr. ANTHONY PERRIN, Church-yard.
      September 27, 1824.

      TO BE LET
      For such terms as may be agreed upon, from the first November next, and
      immediate possession given,
      ABOUT 300 Acres of the LANDS of KILROE, (well sheltered and divided,)
      in such Divisions as will suit the Tenant or Tenants.
      Also to be Let, and immediate possession given, the MILLS of KILROE,
      with from ten to twenty acres of excellent Lands, extensive Stores and in a
      good Corn Country.
      Proposals to be received by Mr. James Hanly, Kilroe.
      No preference will be given but to the best and most solvent Tenant.
      September 27, 1824.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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