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!! Ballina Chronicle; Apr 10, 1850; Mayo Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, April 10, 1850 IN BANKRUPTCY In the matter of Benjamin } TO BE SOLD BY Wilson, of Ballina, in }
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, April 10, 1850

      In the matter of Benjamin } TO BE SOLD BY
      Wilson, of Ballina, in } PUBLIC AUCTION
      the County of Mayo } before the Commissioners
      Shopkeeper, Dealer and } of Bankrupt in the Court
      Chapman, } of Bankruptcy, DUBLIN,
      a Bankrupt } on FRIDAY, the 19th
      ___________________ }day of APRIL, instant, at
      the hour of TWO o'clock in the afternoon., ALL THE ESTATE, RIGHT, TITLE, and
      INTEREST of the Bankrupt and his Assignee in and to All That And Those, THAT
      PLOT of GROUND, which is 45 feet in front, 59 feet in the rere, and 164 feet
      from front to rere, and is situate in VICTORIA PLACE, IN THE TOWN OF
      BALLINA, AND COUNTY OF MAYO, held by lease renewable for ever, subject to
      the yearly rent of $15 and a renewal fine of one pepper-corn on the fall of
      each life.
      On the above plot there were erected by the Bankrupt, at an expense of
      upwards of £1,300, two excellent DWELLING HOUSES and OFFICES, one of which
      is in the possession of a good tenant, and at the rere there is a large
      building, part of which is occupied as a Presbyterian place of Worship.
      A statement of Title is posted in the Court of Bankruptcy.
      For further particulars apply to MICHAEL MURPHY, Esq., Official
      Assignee, 10 Mountrath street, HUGH MOORE, Esq.; Trade Assignee, 57
      Capel-street; or WILLIAM NEILSON and SON, Solicitors, 104 Abbey-street,

      Terence Mulherin, the elder of the brothers charged with the murder of
      Jennings, lately committed near Killala, has been arrested under the
      following circumstances: - A woman from this neibhbourhood, to whom the
      Mulherins were known, received a letter in Liverpool, where she has been
      some time living, from an acquaintance, wherein was mentioned the murder,
      and that a reward of £50 was offered for such information as would lead to
      the arrest and conviction of the Mulherins. - The day after receiving this
      letter she happened to meet Terence Mulherin in one of the streets of
      Liverpool, and having engaged him for some time in conversation about her
      people in Ireland, gave him in charge to a policeman. He was then, upon the
      woman's information, transported to the Castlebar gaol, where he was
      identified by one of the Killala policemen, and now remains in custody for
      trial at the next assizes.

      On the night of the 1st inst., three strolling beggars entered an
      out-house belonging to T. Kelly of Dooeaghny, about three miles from this
      town in the county of Sligo, and carried away a sheep which they killed in a
      waste house adjoining. The perpetrators of this outrage were two men and a
      woman, named Lavelle, from Newport and Achill. They were arrested on the
      following day (Tuesday) by Constable Phibbs and his party and brought before
      Thomas Jones, Esq., J.P., by whom they were committed, and on the next day
      sent to Sligo. The Quarter Sessions were then proceeding in that town, and
      the parties being brought before the Barrister on the following Friday were
      found guilty and sentenced - the two men to seven years transportation each,
      and the woman to six months imprisonment and hard labour.
      At the same sessions Michl. Kelly, who stole a sheep from Anthony
      Muldoon of Rathmel, near this town, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment
      with hard labour.

      DARING RESCUE - On Friday last, Patrick Glynn, Esq., Sub-Sheriff, with
      six of the Westport constabulary, proceeded on official duty to Erriff,
      where, after an obstinate and dangerous resistance, he seized some sheep,
      and while proceeding with them to some particular destination, crowds of
      persons assembled in every direction of the locality, and immediately
      commenced to rescue. All remonstrances were disregarded and so determined
      were the rescuers that they appeared as if careless of life. Mr. Glynn
      perceiving this, felt impelled by humanity not to persevere, as, if the
      constabulary were ordered to use their arms, the consequence would have been
      a great sacrifice of human life. Great credit is due to this officer for his
      steadiness and forbearance under so trying an occasion. The offending party
      will, however, be brought to justice.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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