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!! Ballina Chronicle; Apr 10, 1850; Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, April 10, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS - The number of licensed brewers in Ireland is 96. - Lord Monteagle is
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, April 10, 1850

      - The number of licensed brewers in Ireland is 96.
      - Lord Monteagle is appointed Fellow of London University.
      - George Bailey, parish clerk of Spalding Church, hung himself in the
      vestry-room on Thursday.
      - The engines of the Caldeonian railway company are seized for debt, and the
      credit for coke is shut up.
      - One bank has lost £76,000 by the late mercantile failure in Cork.
      - Five officers of Portsmouth garrison are under arrest for maltreating a
      brother officer.
      - There are 64 clerks to be reduced in the government office in Dublin.
      - The Midland Great Western railway line from Dublin to Galway, will not
      cost 10,000l. a mile.
      - The Hon. James Hewett, declares that his wife did not die a Roman
      Catholic, nor was she attended by a priest.-- Freeman.
      - Sir Wm. Somerville has brought in a bill for the better distribution,
      support, and management of medical charities in Ireland.
      - At the Cork city registry sessions, closed on Friday, the Liberals and
      Conservatives counted 200 each.
      - A farmer named John Chambers of Aylroe, committed suicide on Wednesday by
      drowning himself in a trench behind his house.
      - Dr. Bell, late of York-street, Dublin, cut his throat at Sandy's-well Park
      Asylum, Cheltenham on Sunday.
      - Gunner J. Telford, Royal Artillery, was crushed to death at Woolwich on
      Saturday, by a load of coals which fell on him in carriage to the arsenal.
      - Lieut. D'Aguilar, R.N., is dismissed the Firebrand steamer, for assaulting
      the second master, Mr. Tapril, at Malta.
      - The small pox, which is raging in Dublin, was imported by a Russian
      vessel, which lay at the North Wall some time.
      - Mr. Kirke, of Dublin, is completing a magnificent statue of the late
      Master of the Rolls, Sir Michael O'Loghlin, Bart, to be placed at the Ennis
      court house.
      - The brig Grace of Newcastle, Thompson, with corn from Alexandria to Cork,
      was totally wrecked at Ardmore, on Saturday night, when nine out of eleven
      on board perished.
      - A Connemara man was robbed at the new Chapel, Galway, on Good Friday,
      during the Passion sermon, preached by the Rev. Mr. Daly, of 2l.10s., and on
      the following evening a silver candlestick was stolen from the sanctuary.
      - The assault case at the suit of the Rev. David Mylotte, Roman Catholic
      Priest, against the Rev. John O'Callagan, at Mam petty sessions, and sent
      for trail to the quarter sessions, Galway, on the 8th April, is removed by
      certiorari to the Queen's Bench. Mr. Keogh, M.P., is retained as counsel for
      the plaintiff.
      - At Clifden petty sessions an important case came before the bench. The
      Victoria, of Clifden, Michael Lyden, owner, was engaged by Mr. Levingston,
      of Westport, to convey meal from thence to Clifden. The crew sold a quantity
      of the meal, and placed salt in its stead, to make up the weight! For this
      fraudulent act, the magistrates sentenced the parties to a fine of £5 each,
      or imprisonment for two months.
      - CRUEL DECEPTION - James Fullerton, a soldier of the 18th Regt., was
      convicted at Armagh assizes, of having procured a person, named Barry, to
      act as clergyman, and of having had a false ceremony performed, whereby he
      deceived a girl named Brown, into a belief he had married her. He obtained
      possession of her little sayings; and she is now pregnant. She has resided
      with her mother since the supposed marriage. The girl is a Protestant and
      the soldier a Roman Catholic. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment.
      - A gang of sheep and cattle stealers, nine in number, were arrested on
      Wednesday night last, by the police of Cragbrien, and Ballynacally, under
      command of Constable Odlum. This nest of freebooters had done incalculable
      injury in that neighbourhood in the winter and spring. The information which
      led to their arrest, was received by Constable Odlum, to whose zeal and
      discernment society is indebted for the breaking up of this nocturnal band
      of depredation. One of the party named Nihill was absent when the police
      called at his residence, but the Constable ordered some of the men to lie in
      ambush, and behold! Nihill returns bearing a side of beef on his back,
      having the hide attached to it, which was identified by the owner.--
      Limerick Chronicle.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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