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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 27, 1824; Provincial News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, September 27, 1824 PROVINCIAL NEWS LIMERICK, SEPT 22 - Newcastle Races commenced on Tuesday. There was only four horses
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      Galway, Monday, September 27, 1824

      LIMERICK, SEPT 22 - Newcastle Races commenced on Tuesday. There was
      only four horses started, Mr. Caldwell's Noble, Mr. Corbett's Sprite, Mr.
      Irwin's Petworth, and Mr. Daxon's Giles. The first heat was won by Noble;
      and the second, which was a very pretty race between Noble, Petworth, and
      Giles, was also won by Noble. The carriages were very numerous, and crowds
      of Gentlemen thronged the Course.
      Edward Croker, Esq., of Ballinaguard, has, we are informed, procured
      four Foxes, with the intention of bagging one of them on the Race Course at
      Newcastle on Friday or Saturday, when great sport is expected.
      The brogue-makers of Rathkeale and its vicinity have entered into
      combination not to allow any countryman or any other persons, to buy leather
      for their private use from retailers; no person to be allowed to deal with
      any leather retailer selling to countrymen, &c, on a fine of 10. They have
      actually got resolutions to the above effect posted.
      Tuesday an Inquest was held on a woman who, was found suspended from a
      bough near Sollihead, Co. Tipperary. John Breen, with whom she left her
      child, and two others, have been committed to jail on suspicion of having
      committed this offence as marks of violence were found on her arms.
      Saturday, a riot occurred in Roche's-street, between some country
      people and some smiths of this town, when the latter struck some of the
      countrymen on the hands with hammers, and fractured the skulls of two of
      them, who are now very dangerously ill under the care of Surgeon O'Donnell
      and Franklin, jun.
      At a meeting of the Common Council on Monday, Wm. Piercy, Esq., son of
      the present Sheriff, was nominated to the office of Sheriff for the ensuing
      year, in the room of G. Vincent, Esq., resigned.
      Mr. Maurice Lacy, the harbour master, under the Chamber of Commerce,
      has been re-elected to that situation by the Bridge Commissioners.
      Saturday one of the boats engaged to ferry the men employed at the
      Bridge Works across the Shannon, from Lower Cecil-street, upset in the
      middle of the river with twelve or fourteen persons in it, who all,
      fortunately succeeded in swimming to shore.
      Monday morning, some of the masons, employed at the Bridge Works,
      turned out and beat another man in the same employment most barbarously.
      Sunday night, Edward Hickie, butcher, of Market Alley, was robbed of a
      large sum of money.
      Saturday two men, Cornelius Smith and Stephen Hafton, were apprehended
      for stealing hats and materials for hats from Mr. Newell's factory, in
      Mardyke. The articles were found in their possession. They were committed to
      the City Gaol for trial.
      Friday evening, a trunk belonging to Mr. John Crips, was stolen by some
      fellows, as it was being brought from the steam boat. It was found this
      morning in a slough, near the Dominican Chapel, rifled of its contents
      except a few useless papers.
      ENNIS, SEPT. 23 - Monday last, a man named Madigan, in the service of
      Mr. O'Regan, fell from the upper left of a Corn Store near this town and was
      severely injured. Both his wrists were dislocated and one of his arms
      broken - his head was also hurt. He was carried to the Infirmary, where
      every attention was paid to effect his recovery.
      A boat from Querin, with turf, foundered off Kilrush, on Wednesday
      last. Two men, who were in her at the time, were taken in by a sloop going
      up to Limerick.
      On Sunday last, two men, named John M'Shane and Michael Connor, were
      committed to the Gaol of Dundalk, charged on oath with attacking the sentry
      at the Gaol on the preceding night, and attempting to take his arms. This is
      the third attack which has been made within these three weeks on different
      sentries through that town.
      The Police of this County, under the Peace Preservation Act, are now
      undergoing an Inspection by Major Warburton, at Ballinasloe.
      Major Wilcocks will commence an Inspection of the Constabulary force in
      the County Limerick in a few days.
      There has been a considerable decrease in the receipts of butter this
      year, at the weigh-house in Cork.
      A few nights ago, the house of John Stapleton, of Boutick, county
      Tipperary, was broken into by an armed party, who beat him cruelly, and
      swore him to give up his ground. They fired several shots about the house,
      which brought out the Police from Killennule, but the Rockites had decamped
      before they got up. Two of them have, however, been since apprehended.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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