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!! Ballina Chronicle; Apr 3, 1850; Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, April 3, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Out door relief is discontinued in Galway union, and most of the others in
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, April 3, 1850

      Out door relief is discontinued in Galway union, and most of the others
      in Connaught.
      Patrick Forbes, an Irish labourer, murdered his wife at Newcastle on
      The coronership of the county Galway is vacant by the death of Mr. Wm.
      Dr. Madden is appointed secretary of the Irish loan fund.
      Thomas Fury, of Clifden, is committed to Galway gaol, for the murder
      of his wife last week.
      Mullingar workhouse pays £400 a year for flax, to employ the inmates at
      industrial work.
      The Waterford guardians are sending out 160 paupers to North America,
      at a cost of £800 to the union.
      The town of Buttevant has its name from "Boutez-en-avent," the ancient
      war cry of the Barry or Barrymore family.
      Mr. James Page of Lynn, was poisoned on Wednesday, by arsenic, mixed up
      with sugar, served up at breakfast and dinner, also his son.
      James M'Donald and Wm. Darcy were sentenced to transportation for life,
      at Carlow assizes, for the violation of Anne Delany, a married woman.
      The petition of Sir Thomas E. Blake, Bart., of Menlo, Galway, late
      Stipendary Magistrate, is adjourned by the Insolvent Debtors' Court for six
      Henceforth seamen of the Royal Navy are to be paid wages by the
      calendar month, and the grog allowance is to be reduced one-half, the
      difference to be made up in pay.
      Mr. Kenealy, the barrister, has commenced law proceedings against the
      Times, for its reports of the charges made against him at the police court
      of ill-treating his child.
      We understand that the Corporation of Drogheda are about reducing
      considerably the rents of all the tenants holding land from them. This is as
      it should be.-- Newry Paper.
      At Naas Assizes the late Mr. Ferguson's executor, obtained a verdict
      for £100 against Mr. E. Ruthven, both well known on the turf, price of a
      mare, called "Humming Bird's daur" sold him.
      The ships Governor, Jesse, Lady Peel, Primrose, Energy, Polly,
      Waterford, Hugenot, Thorney Close, and Caledonia, are taking in passengers
      at Limerick port for Canada and the States.
      Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint Jeremiah John Murphy, Esq., to
      be one of the Commissioners of Charitable Bequests and Donations in Ireland,
      in the room of Richard Corballis, Esq., resigned.
      Mr. Patrick Kelly is elected chairman of the Tuam Town Commissioners,
      in place of the late Mr. Morgan. Mr. Tully, of the London gas works, has
      informed the board that £1,700 will be the cost of materials for lighting
      the town.
      On St. Patrick's day, the "David", of Galway, lying there, hoisted a
      green ensign with a red border, which at once attracted the eye of Commander
      Lloyd, of her Majesty's steamer, "Lucifer," who sent a boat's crew, and had
      the flag seized and taken away.
      Primate Cullen, of Armagh, thus expresses himself about the Queen's
      College: - "What shall I say of the many systems of education in which
      snares are laid for unsuspecting youth, and a spirit of error or a fatal
      indifference to every religion is installed into their minds before they are
      capable of distinguishing truth from falsehood, or right from wrong? Alas!
      every art is employed against the one only true church, and Catholic truth
      is assailed in a thousand different forms."

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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