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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 20-24, 1824; Galway Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, September 20, 1824 CATHOLIC RENT At a Meeting of the Committee for the Catholic Rent, held this day, at the College
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      Galway, Monday, September 20, 1824

      At a Meeting of the Committee for the Catholic Rent, held this day, at
      the College House, the undernamed Gentlemen -
      MARK LYNCH, Esq.
      JAMES FYNN, Esq.
      Were appointed to commence on next WEDNESDAY the collection of YEARLY
      SUBSCRIPTIONS from the respectable inhabitants of the town, to enable the
      Treasurer to make an early Remittance to the Association.
      Galway, September 20, 1824.


      A fashionable party of Electors were entertained last week, at the
      hospitable Mansion of Mr. John D'Arcy, at Clifden - amongst whom were the
      following respectable gentlemen:
      Colonel Martin;
      Mr. Kirwan, of Dalgin;
      Mr. Blake, of Reavyic;
      Sir Charles Peehell;
      The Messrs. Bell.
      Mr. Daly of Dunsandle was expected; but the arrival of his apology put
      an end to the political part of the conference; and the Gentlemen took
      different routes without having transacted the business. We have heard from
      our "little bird" now matters were to have been managed; but there is no use
      in giving publicity to what were the intentions of Honourable Gentlemen. Is
      it not very strange, that such an occurrence could not take place even in
      the remote wilds of Cunnemara without our knowledge!!!

      Galway, Thursday, September 23, 1824

      A BALL
      RESPECTFULLY Informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Galway and its vicinity,
      that he purposes having HIS BALL in a few weeks - he hopes his Pupils at the
      Ladies' Establishments will attend regularly previous to it, that they may
      be made perfect in the different Dances, when he shall then fix the night
      and other arrangements.
      Instructions given to young Gentlemen at his house, Wood-quay - Private
      Tuition as usual.
      September 23, 1824.

      Has for Sale,
      and a
      With all its Material - both in perfect repair,
      Also, a variety of good
      Household Furniture,
      Which he will Sell without reserve on reasonable terms.
      Galway, September 23, 1824.

      Grateful for past favours, most respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry
      and Public, that his
      are well stocked with FOREST TREES of every description, fit for immediate
      transplanting into the most exposed situations. His collection of EVERGREEN
      and DECIDUOUS SHRUBS, are numerous and well selected. His FRUIT TREES
      vigorous and healthy. His Stock of SEEDLING FOREST TREES far exceeds in
      quality anything of the kind heretofore offered for Sale in this Province -
      all of which he is determined to dispose of on moderate terms.
      N.B. - In addition to his former Stock of APPLE TREES, he particularly
      recommends to public notice a few kinds, Cions of which he procured from
      Trees lately imported from Holland by the Right Hon. Earl Clancarty, and
      much esteemed in that country.
      Gardeners of abilities to be heard of as above,
      September 23, 1824.

      In the Matter of JAMES JONES, an Insolvent,
      TO BE SOLD
      By Public Auction, on the 15th Day of October next, in the Town of
      Ballinasloe and County of Galway,
      By and with the consent of the said Insolvent and his said Creditors, All
      his Right, Title and Interest, Rents, Issues, and profits, arising out of
      the lands of CLONTUSKERT, LAKEFIELD, GURTEEN CAHILL, KILL, and the other
      Subdenominations thereunto belonging situate in the Barony of Clonmacknoon,
      Parish of Clontuskert, and County of Galway, and completion thereof, to
      discharge the several Debts in the said Insolvent's Schedule mentioned,
      which said Lands and Premises are the Estate of the said Insolvent, and are
      not subject to any Mortgage or Judgment Debts whatever, and now produces
      from solvent Tenants, £200 a year or thereabouts; and also an interest which
      Insolvent has in the Lands of FAIRY-HILL, in said County, not in the
      possession of Allen M'Donough, Esq., producing the yearly rent of £11 10s.
      The Assignee being empowered by the said Insolvent and by his said
      several Creditors, to Sell by Public Contract, any part of the Lands and
      Premises aforementioned, for the payment of said aforementioned Debts, or to
      raise the sum of £400 sterling, by way of Mortgage or Rent-charge, on said
      aforementioned Lands and Premises, or the Rents, Issues and Profits arising
      Proposals will be received, and every necessary information given by
      Mr. Daniel Flattery, of Ballinasloe, Merchant, the sole Assignee of said
      Assignee of said Insolvent.
      Ballinasloe, Sept. 20, 1824.

      On Monday last, two stalks dug in the garden of Edmond Silk, Esq., of
      Loughrea, produced 30-1/2lbs of potatoes, some of the extraordinary weight
      of from one to 2lbs.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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