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!! Freeman Journal; Aug 4, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, August 4, 1764 COUNTRY NEWS Cork, July 30. Yesterday S night Mr. David Sheehan, of Rivertown, Paper-maker, read his
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, August 4, 1764

      Cork, July 30. Yesterday S'night Mr. David Sheehan, of Rivertown,
      Paper-maker, read his Recantation at Rathcoony Church, near this City: And
      Yesterday Mrs. Mary Ann Chartres and Ellinor Coughlan, read their
      Recantation from the Errors of the Church of Room in St. Peter's Church.
      Saturday last, a Suit which had long depending in the Consistory Court
      of Cork, between Mr. Thomas Barter and Sarah his Wife, was concluded in
      Court, before the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross; Mr.
      Barter having dismissed the Suit, paying all the Alimony and Costs.
      This Morning the full Division of Colonel Talbot's Regiment, lately
      landed from the West Indies, marched from hence for Galway, where they are
      to quarter.
      Yesterday was married, Mr. William Russel, Shopkeeper, to the agreeable
      Miss King of Cockpit Lane, both of the People called Quakers.
      DEATHS. Friday Evening at Coolroe, the Seat of Joseph Witheral, Esq;
      after a tedious Illness, Mrs. Hilgrove, Widow of the late Mr. Joseph
      Hilgrove of this City. - Yesterday on the Coal Quay, Mrs. Russel, Wife of
      Capt. Russel.

      Last Monday early in the Morning Michael Brady was detected stealing
      Lead off the Theatre Royal in Crow-street and lodged in Newgate.
      Pat Higley, one of the Persons said to be concerned in rescuing the Tea
      which was seized at Howth, some Time since, died in Michael's-lane, of the
      Wounds which he then received.
      We hear that the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have appointed
      George Martin, Esq; to be Collector of the Port of Dublin, in the Room of
      James Smyth, Esq; who resigns.
      MARRIED] A few Days ago, Mr. Edward Ryan, of Ballinakill, in the County
      of Kildare, Gent. to Miss Kitty Reily, Daughter to Mr. Phillip Reily of
      Ballimorris, near Granard. - Last Saturday James Flack, an eminent Attorney
      of the Courts of King's Bench and Exchequer, was married to the Widow
      Harrington, otherwise Scott, Daughter of the late Captain James Scott; a
      Lady whose considerable Fortune is one of her least Charms.
      DEATHS] A few Days ago, in Cork, the Revd. Mr. Dermot M'Carthy, a
      Romish Clergyman. - In Kilkenny, the Revd. Mr. Charters, Minister of St.
      Mary's in that City. - In Winetavern-street, the Wife of Mr. Pat Taaffe,
      Publican. - At Kells, Mr. Thomas Fenner; and Miss Rose Maxwell. - In
      High-street, Mr. James Murray, Woollen Draper. - In Aungier-street, Mrs.
      Ward, Relict of ___ Ward, of the County of Wexford, Esq; - In Smithfield, in
      a very advanced Age, the Honourable Mrs. Barnewell.- Monday last at his
      House in Abbey-street, Mr. Thomas Ligoe, Card Merchant, of whom it may be
      justly said, that in every Stage of Life, as a Son, Husband, Father, and Man
      of Business he endeared himself to all that knew him; to be deprived of such
      a Member of Society must be a Loss to the Public, but to his disconsolate
      Family and Friends, an irrepabale [sic] one.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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