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!! Ballina Chronicle; March 27, 1850 "Nenagh Assizes"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, March 27, 1850 NENAGH ASSIZES - Thursday Trial of Dr. Langley for the murder of his Wife. The Right Hon.
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, March 27, 1850

      NENAGH ASSIZES - Thursday
      Trial of Dr. Langley for the murder of his Wife.
      The Right Hon. Judge Ball took his seat on the bench in the Crown
      Court, at ten o'clock. A few minutes after the prisoner, Dr. Langley, came
      into the dock, and advancing to the front bowed to his Lordship. He was
      dressed in black, his long black hair was parted on his forehead, and fell
      down over his shoulders. The moustaches which he wore last assizes were
      shaved off on the present occasion. - There was nothing in his appearance
      that could betray the forty days' fast, which he averred he had undergone.
      Mr. Scott, for the Crown, consented to quash one indictment, and
      entered a nolle prosequi on that preferred at last assizes.
      The Clerk of the Crown then proceeded to call over the panel and the
      following are the names of the jury sworn, 26 of the panel having been
      previously set aside or challenged - John Bennett, John Crawford, Samuel
      Cooke, James Willington, Solomon B. Cambie, John Hemsworth, John Phillips,
      Ralph Smith, Thomas Dolan, Richard Short, Richard Nash, Dudley Byrne.
      The jury having been sworn, the prisoner was given in charge for that
      he before and on the 5th December, in the year 1848, not having the fear of
      God before his eyes, and contriving and intending wilfully and feloniously
      on his malice prepense to kill and murder Eleanor Langley, his wife, on the
      5th December, 1848, or on the 1st May 1849, did so kill and murder her, by
      confining here against her will in a certain cold, unwholesome, and
      unhealthy lodging, and by declining to give her sufficient medicine and
      proper food for the support of her body. Another count stated that death was
      caused by his providing her with food injurious to her body and health.
      Clerk of the Crown - How say you, Charles Langley, guilty or not
      Prisoner (in a loud voice) - Not Guilty.
      Mr. Scott, Q.C., then addressed the court and jury for the prosecution.
      The following witnesses were examined for the prosecution, in support
      of the indictment and counsel's statement: - Eliza Rohan, who lived in Dr.
      Langley's house as servant; Mary Cleary, Gabriel Prior, clerk to Dr.
      Langley; Margaret Meara, landlady of the house in which Mr. Langley lodged;
      Thomas Pound, the servant whose evidence on the inquest created such horror
      when he said he was instigated to improper intimacy with Mrs. Langley while
      on her sick bed; Dr. Francis Cahalen, James M'Grath, groom to Dr. Langley,
      Dr. O'Neill Quin, Dr. Edward Kitson, who attended the post mortem
      examination on the body of Eleanor Langley, and found it in a state of great
      emaciation and attenuation, and remembered Mrs. Langley to come to his house
      on several occasions for something to eat; Dr. Finucane, Dr. Frith, Rev.
      Benjamin F. Bewley, and Mary Clanchy. This witness's evidence showed the
      case for the prosecution.

      Judge Ball entered court this morning at 9 o'clock. The court was
      densely crowded.
      Mr. Martley, Q.C., proceeded in an able address to speak to the defense
      for the prisoner.
      THE RESULT. - The jury, at 9 o'clock at night, returned a verdict of
      "Not Guilty."

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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