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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 16, 1824; Marriages & Deaths

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, September 16, 1824 MARRIAGES At Booterstown, George Dyas, of Castle st. Dublin, Esq., to Eliza, eldest daughter of Wm.
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      Galway, Thursday, September 16, 1824

      At Booterstown, George Dyas, of Castle st. Dublin, Esq., to Eliza,
      eldest daughter of Wm. Scott, late of Fishertown, Queen's County.
      John H. Martin, Esq. of Santry, to Essy Maria, daughter of P. Shannon,
      of James's-street, Dublin, Esq.
      At Carrickfergus, Doctor Cupples, Royal Artillery, to Antonia, eldest
      daughter of John Legge, Esq.
      In Carlow, Mr. William Fitzgerald, of Monastereven, to Anne, daughter
      of Mr. John Brophy.
      In Enniskillen, the Rev. John Auchinleck to Miss Jonston, eldest
      daughter of the Rev. Thos. Johnston.
      In Dublin, James Cuthbertson, Esq., Surgeon, to Rose Anne, only
      daughter of the late Jeremiah Hatch of Ardee, County of Louth, Esq.
      At Kilmore Church, John Caldwell, Esq., to Susan, daughter of Thomas
      Burrowes, of Kilagoan, in the County of Cavan, Esq.
      In London, Lieutenant-Colonel Allen, of the late 23d Lancers, to Miss
      Mitchell, and niece to Lady Fletcher and Lady Leith.
      At Lambeth Church, the Rev. Bernard John Ward, third son of the Right
      Hon. Robert Ward, of Bangor Castle, County Down, to Isabella Frances,
      youngest daughter of the late Robert Phillips, of Longworth, Herefordshire,
      At Edinburgh, Peter Hill, jun., Esq., to Ann, daughter of Col.
      M'Dowell, of the Island of St. Vincent's.
      At Taunton, Lieutenant William Bryan, R.N. to Mary, eldest daughter of
      Kenneth M'Kenzie, Esq.

      In Liverpool, on the 26th ult., Mary Griffith, at the very advanced age
      of 109 years, seven months, and ten days. On the 15th of March, 1823, three
      gentlemen called upon her and received the following information from here,
      given in a distinct and intelligent manner: - "That she should be 108 years
      old on the 17th inst., having been born in Patrick-street, Dublin, on St.
      Patrick's Day, 1715; that she was married at St. Patrick's Church, when not
      quite 15, and had 12 children born alive, besides two still-born. She
      remembered the great black frost in 1739-40, being then a grown up woman;
      also, Essex-bridge being pulled down and rebuilt, during which time she
      walked over the river on stones, laid for the purpose. She perfectly
      remembered the marriage of the Prince of Wales, the grandfather of the
      present King; also, a whipping she got for stealing a basket, when six years
      At Mitchelstown, Limerick, Christopher Rose, Esq., formerly of
      Rathkeale, County of Limerick.
      In Leeson-street, Dublin, aged 62 years, J. Foote, Esq.- an Alderman of
      that City, very much regretted.
      At Elm park, Mrs. Conolly, wife of James Conolly, Esq.
      At Portobello, Mr. Christopher Bennett.
      At Cloughneen, Miss Averell, sister to the late Rev. Mr. Averell.
      Mrs. Clarke, relict of Wm. Clarke, of North King-street, Dublin.
      Mrs. Bulger, wife of Mr. Daniel Bulger, glover, &c., High-street,
      At Lisburn, Ann, wife of Major William Stewart.
      At Bath, the Venerable and Learned Dr. Falconer.
      At his seat at Hill-hone, in the County Kildare, on Sunday, 28th ult.,
      Maurice Sullivan, Esq.
      At Bandon, leaving a wife and large Family, Mr. T. Busteed, son to the
      late Thomas Busteed, Esq. one of the Burgesses of that Corporation.
      At Enniscorthy, on Friday, the 27th ult., C. Davies, who was piked,
      buried and arose again on the following day on Vinegar-hill, in 1708.- See
      Richard Musgrave's History.
      In London, aged 22 years, Elizabeth Louisa, daughter of the late
      William S. Cooper, Esq.
      Mr. Alexander Campbell, Author of "Grampian's Desolate and a Tour
      through Scotland," and Editor of "Alban's Anthology," and other Scottish
      In India, on the 4th of April, of cholera morbus, Lieutenant John
      Jervis, of the Company's Engineers.
      On the 28th ultimo, two days after his landing at Brighton, from the
      Mariner, Captain Charles Young, Commander of the Fame, which ship was
      destroyed by fire at Bencoolen on the 3d. of February last.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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