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!! Ballina Chronicle; March 27, 1850 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, March 27, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS The amount of presentments applied for in the county Galway this assizes was
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, March 27, 1850

      The amount of presentments applied for in the county Galway this
      assizes was £19,000.
      There was no breach of the peace or disturbance in any part of Ulster
      on St. Patrick's day.
      Guy Burton, superanuated Excise Officer, threw himself out of a window
      at Plymouth, on Monday in a fit of delirium tremens and was killed.
      The trial of 18 Ribbonmen and five Orangemen for riotous assembly at
      Dolly's Brae, is postponed to the summer assizes at Downpatrick.
      William Escott, for forging a bill of exchange for £20, was sentenced
      to twelve months imprisonment by Mr. Sergeant Murphy at Cork on Thursday.
      The steam-packets of the City Dublin Company, on the Upper and Lower
      Shannon, hoisted their colours, and fired a salute, for the Government mail
      contract taken by this popular Company.
      Mr. Christopher Farrelly, provision dealer, late of Phibsborough, was
      found drowned at the North Wall, Dublin, on Wednesday. Mr. Farrelly had left
      home on Tuesday morning for the purpose of going to market.
      In March, 1849, there were 14,367 persons receiving in door and outdoor
      relief in the Limerick Union, at a weekly expenditure of £698, and in March,
      1850, the number is reducted to 7,700, at a cost of £380 weekly including
      hospital attendance, &c. This is an agreeable contract.
      Tuam Meeting of Guardians, Major Burke handed in notice of motion "that
      all horses employed in the cultivation of the soil, as also all ploughs and
      harrows, will not be interfered with by the collectors, as any such distress
      is contrary to law, independent of the hardship to the poor."
      The tide of emigration again has set in at Liverpool, six vessels for
      New York alone lay in the Mersey on Tuesday awaiting for the tide. The
      aggregate number of their passengers were 3,000. Meanwhile hundreds are
      awaiting to depart by other ships.
      All the market towns in Clare, Tipperary, and Galway are full of
      potatoes, and the puzzle is where they could have been hid since last year,
      when the article was so scarce. Manifestly the produce would not keep
      longer, and it was concealed by many who last year threw their families on
      outdoor relief.
      BAD COMPANY! - John Fogarty was hanged last August at the county gaol
      for the murder of his neighbor, Daniel Dillon, in Cappamore, at the
      instigation of Dillon's wife, also executed at the same time. Now it is a
      remarkable illustration of the old adage, that Mathew and William Gavan,
      brothers, and very young men, under sentence this assizes for the murder of
      John Ryan, also at Cappamore, were next door neighbours of that same John
      Fogarty, who died an ignominious death on the scaffold last year--Limerick
      David Fitzgerald, a crown witness, at last summer assizes for this
      county, when John Hennessy, Michael Culhane, Patrick Dempsey, and Michael
      Nash, were convicted of a violent attack upon Mr. Loughlin Sharpe, steward
      to Lord Monteagle, so as to endanger life, at South Cappa, on the 6th of
      May, and who was sentenced to transportation for life, was found drowned in
      a bog hole, near the Roman Catholic chapel of Stonehall, on Saturday, with
      the sinews of both arms cut through, across the elbow joint, and his throat
      also desperately lacerated.--Ibid.
      Emigration is amazingly on the increase, not, however, so much to
      Canada as to the United States, and the train from Limerick to Dublin is
      daily crowded with intending emigrants, mostly all agricultural, and who
      embark for their destination at Liverpool. The banks in Limerick are hourly
      paying out money upon the orders remitted by the friends of those people in
      America, who emigrated the last and preceding years. There are nine vessels
      at the quays taking passengers- three for New York and six for Quebec.
      The question of the power of the Kilkenny grand jury to reduce the
      salaries of their officers five per cent, having been brought before Judge
      Torrens, his lordship stated that a similar matter had arisen in Cavan, and
      that the officers whose salaries were there reduced have taken steps for
      bringing the question into the Queen's Bench. Under these circumstances he
      recommended the grand jury to reconsider the resolution.
      James Devereaux and John M'Carthy, tried at Clonmel assizes, for the
      homicide of private Joshua Scovell, 43d, at Tipperary, were acquitted.
      On Wednesday, at Fermoy, Thomas Pingleton, and English hatter on the
      tramp, hung himself out of the bedstead, in which he had been sleeping.
      John Glynn, for the murder of Anne Clayton, near Kinevara, was tried
      and acquitted at Galway assizes.
      A meeting of the friends of the society for instructing the Irish
      speaking population in the Holy Scriptures, through their own language, was
      held on Friday evening, in the school house Derry. The Lord Bishop of Derry,
      the Dean of Derry, the Rev. Dr. Singer, Regius Professor Trinity College,
      and a large number of the clergy attended. The Bishop of Derry was moved to
      the chair, and addressed the meeting on behalf of the society. The Rev.
      Daniel Foley, of Clonmel, then delivered an address, which occupied two
      hours, in which he set before his audience the strong claims which the Irish
      society had upon them.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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