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    THE TUAM HERALD, SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 1909 TUAM, CO GALWAY MIRACULOUSLY CURED AT KNOCK. A young man, Thomas Murphy of Liscannonane, parish of Lackagh, aged 23,
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      A young man, Thomas Murphy of Liscannonane, parish of Lackagh, aged 23, was
      miraculously cured at Knock Church on Sunday last, the Feast of the Assumption
      of the B V M. At the age of 11 years he lost the use of one of his legs and
      had ever since been more or less in pain and obliged to carry crutches. This
      was his third visit to Knock. So infirm and feeble was he on Saturday last
      that his uncle, Brian Feeny, of Corbally, parish of Cummer, who accompanied him
      to carry him over the Railway Bridge at Tuam to the train for Claremorris en
      route for Knock. Next morning in the Church, at the Altar rails, after
      receiving the Most Holy Eucharist, he rose up perfectly cured, and leaving his
      crutches behind him, walked out through the congregation. We saw him here in Tuam on

      QUINN - On Sunday, 8th August, at Duras House, Riovara, the wife of F L
      Quinn, J P, of a son.

      FORDE - On the 15th August, 1909, at her residence, Cortoon, Tuam, to the
      inexpressible grief of her husband and children, Mary, the beloved wife of Denis
      Forde, at the age of 39 years. Interment took place at Cartoon burial ground
      on Monday last, and was attended by a large concourse of people --- R.I.P.

      - At Washington, near Dunmore, on Tuesday on his way from Athenry Fair,
      dropped dead a man named James Kirrane without any apparent cause.

      - Mr Thomas Garvey, Claran, has been appointed to school at Cloghanover
      recently rendered vacant by the lamented death of Mr James Garvey.

      - At County Council meeting last Wednesday the appointment of Miss Kennedy as
      Secretary to Dunmore Old Age Pension Committee was again affirmed.

      - The imbecile, Forde, sent over from New York some months ago and admitted
      to Tuam Workhouse, was removed thence to Ballinasloe Lunatic Asylum on Monday

      - Information wanted of Patrick Hynes, bootmaker, of Headford, County Galway,
      Ireland. Address - Thomas Hynes, Headford, Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland.

      - There died suddenly at Cloneen, last week, while engaged at his ordinary
      business, Mr Patrick Dooly, contractor to the District Council for building
      Labourers' Cottages in the neighbourhood of Headford.

      - In 1789 Mr Lynch of Ballycurrin mad a lease of 16 acres to the Monks of
      Ross, then being dispossessed of land at the foot of the hill of Kilroe, near
      Headford, at a nominal rent and in the little church they built at Kilroe Mass
      was said regularly until 1804.

      - We beg to direct the attention of our readers to the important auction
      advertised in our columns, to be held on 25th inst. at Court House, Dunmore, by Mr
      Shins, Auctioneer, in the matter of McDonnell v. Redington, by order of his
      Honor the Recorder of Galway. Mr F. B. McDonogh, Solicitor, has carriage of
      the sale.

      - It is to be hoped the Great Southern and Midland Railways will arrange an
      excursion train from Tuam to Athlone on 29th inst, so as to give the people of
      Tuam an opportunity of witnessing the inter-provincial G.A.A. contests between
      Connacht and Leinster on that date. The venues is sure to be well patronised
      if the Railways oblige.

      - On Friday a tramp tailor, giving his name as Nicholas Foster, was arrested
      by Constable Carney, of Barnaderg, for the larceny of a coat, value 7s, the
      property of John Morgan, of Derreen, in whose house the tramp lodged the night
      before. He was overtaken by the Constable a mile above Corofin and taken
      before Mr Kilgarriff, J P, Tuam, who remanded him to Galway gaol.

      - A curious custom existed at the old Abbey of Ross from almost its
      institution until its dissolution. Annually on the festival of St Clare in August, a
      purse containing about £40 sterling inn the money of that day, now equivalent
      to nearly £100, was placed on the Saint's Altar and an urn beside it wherein
      were the names of all the orphan girls in the seven surrounding parishes, and
      the name first drawn got the money as a dowry on her marriage.

      - Gort Athletic and Cycling Sports were brought off on Sunday last in
      excellent weather and proved a great success. The meeting took place in the Convent
      Grounds which presented a very pretty scene throughout the day. The
      competitions were keen and competitors plenty. Mr P J Murray, handicapper and starter,
      G.A.A. conducted the meeting in his usual capable style, and brought off the
      various events with punctuality and precision.

      A marriage is arranged and will shortly take place between Frederick Rufane
      St Lawrence Tyrrell, D I, Adjutant, Royal Irish Constabulary Depot, Phoenix
      Park, son of the late William St Lawrence Tyrrell, and Ima Isabel Moutray-Reed
      (Pearlie), daughter of the late Colonel John Moutray-Reed and Mrs Moutray-Reed.
      Little Resuchamp, Tiverton, and great-grand-daughter of Captain John
      Moutray-Reed, of Union Park, Queen's County, and of Tullychin, Co. Down.
      PITHY PARS. - Personal, Parochial Provincial and Particular
      Nurse Kelly was the principal figure in a wild scene that took place in No 8
      Ward of the Galway Hospital on Monday last. A patient from the Ballyglunin
      District who had been admitted some days before, suddenly became reckless, and
      jumping out of bed, he secured a patient's knife and made a desperate attempt
      to cut his throat. Nurse Kelly who was attending to an adjoining bed,
      perceiving his intention, with the utmost bravery rushed towards him, at the same time
      raising a cry of alarm. Quickly to her aid came two other patients,
      Constable Whelan and a man named McDonagh from the Carna district. The trio closed in
      on the infuriated man who, in the ensuing struggle went under, but despite
      their efforts he drew the knife three times across his throat. Fortunately it
      was a blunt one, and little damage was done. Nurse Kelly seized him by the
      arm, but he wrenched it from her grasp, and swinging his hand round tried to stab
      Miss O'Kelly, from Ballindine, who has been staying at Saitkill (?) for the
      bathing season, when bicycling through Shop Street a woman crossed the road
      right in front of the bicycle causing a collision, whereby Miss O'Kelly was
      severely injured, having been thrown on to the flagway.
      On day of Galway August Fair, a cow that had been sold to a countryman by Mr
      Martin Ashe, afflicted by the great heat dashed towards the docks and jumped
      into the water below the dock gates. Sergeant O'Neill availing of a boat in
      which there were two soldiers, went after the animal, which must soon have been
      carried away by the tide and the current from the river. Assisted by two or
      three civilians he got a rope around the cow and brought her successfully to
      the shore at Tip Head, wher she was restored to her grateful owner.
      A young home belonging to Mr Curran, of Spiddal, has just had a remarkable
      experience on the lands of Mrs Kirwan at Taylor's Hill. On Saturday last he
      suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, and it was not until five days afterwards
      that he was discovered in the cesspool on the lands of John Kenure, of Galway.
      When taken out the horse was found to be none the worse of the adventure.
      A special correspondent from Western Australia writes - "Ex-Sergeant Pat
      O'Sullivan, who was stationed in Ballinasloe for twelve years, and who had the
      task of shadowing the late Matt Harris in the Land League, and who lately was in
      the Tasmanian Police Force, committed suicide on Sundaym 4th July, at his
      residence, Bellrive, opposite Hobart. The cause of the deceased's rash act was
      temporary insanity, resulting from insomnia. Deceased was quite a favourite with
      the citizens of Hobart and Bellrive.
      Moylough Sports will come off on Sunday 12th September. The energetic
      committee is working hard to secure the best possible entries.
      Information wanted of Miss Delia McNamara who left Ireland twenty years ago.
      When last heard from four years ago, she was living with her sister, Mrs John
      Fitzpatrick, 154 Huron St. Greenpointe, Brooklyn, N.Y. Any information will
      be gratefully received by her brother, John McNamara, 17 Prospect Hill,
      Galway, Ireland.
      A sad affair occurred last week at Dunmore. It appears that a young man
      named Casey, from the town, was despatched from the post office to the country
      with a telegram. Not having returned at the hour expected, his father and
      another man went along the road to meet him. The young man was found in an
      unconscious state by the roadside. The immediately conveyed him home where he was
      attended by Dr Conroy Dunmore.
      A young man named Michael Early of Boffin Island, was accidentally drowned by
      falling into the sea from the packet which plies between that island and
      Cleggan, when on its return journey to that island. He went in the boat that
      morning for the purpose of assisting the owner, and whilst changing the sail for
      tacking he was struck by it, and having fallen into the sea never rose again,
      nor has the body yet been found.

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