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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 13, 1824 "Election Time"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, September 13, 1824 GENERAL ELECTION (From the Dublin Evening Post) The rumour, that Parliament will be dissolved next Spring,
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      Galway, September 13, 1824

      (From the Dublin Evening Post)
      The rumour, that Parliament will be dissolved next Spring, gains ground
      daily. There will be several severe contests in this county. We shall set
      down a few:

      Master Ellis must retire from political life, and confine himself, in
      future, to the duties of his office, which, as he swore before the
      Commissioners, occupied the greatest part of his valuable time. - Alderman
      Shaw will offer himself again, refusing, it is said, to coalesce with
      Alderman King, the other Corporation candidate. The former, we believe, is
      not in great odour with the party just now; and the latter, some of the
      graver folks amongst them affect to regard as too violent! Certain it is,
      that, even from the Freemen, neither of these persons appear so sanguine as
      might be expected. Mr. Henry Grattan will also stand, upon the independent
      interest, and, besides the Freeholders, will be supported, it is thought, by
      a very respectable show of Freemen, with Alderman Nugent as their head. We
      are sorry that we cannot yet mention the name of Mr. Robinson as a

      There is talk of five Candidates for the County, Talbot, White,
      Domville, Brabazon, and Hamilton. The latter, however, will not be of age,
      if the Election takes place in Spring, nor if he were, do we think he would
      stand any chance. Sir Compton Domville, we believe, is sick from the last
      Election and we are afraid he will not be sufficiently recovered to come to
      the Poll in time. But the two Sitting Members, and the son of the resident
      Earl of Meath, will fight it out.

      There will be a contest, we are told, in this County. We really should
      not be surprised, if Lord Stopford was put out. We are quite aware of the
      dominant interest he possesses, but we are not equally satisfied, that he
      cannot calculate on his Roman Catholic tenantry. He should recollect the
      counties of Sligo and Dublin. If Mr. Calclough could be brought to the
      Hustings, we should have strong hopes of success in the present feeling of
      the county. That the Valentia interest will again appear in the field there
      is no doubt. Carew is said to be secure.

      This County, owing to the compact between the Besborough and Ormonde
      families, has long been in the situation of a close borough. Efforts, beyond
      all doubt, will be made to open it at the ensuing Election. Whether these
      will be directed against the Butler or the Ponsonby interest, we cannot
      say - possibly against both.

      Our old friend, Denis Browne, we think, must march. The Son of Colonel
      Pierce Butler stands upon the independent interest, and will break thro the
      Corporate rights of the Ormonde family, without question.

      There is some talk of a contest in the County of Tipperary. The
      Candidates are said to be the present Members Bagnall and Prellie and
      Messrs. Lidwill and Trant. Lidwill is supported by the Glengall, and, we
      believe, by the Llandaff interest. He is, besides, extremely popular. We
      should certainly like to see him in Parliament.

      Mr. Brownlow will certainly have to stand a contest for this County.
      Lord Mandeville will offer himself - his Lordship is a Liberal. It would be
      curious to see this County returning two friends to Catholic Emancipation.
      There is no danger of Caulfield.

      There will be a contest in this County. Sir Edward O'Brien, or his Son,
      and Mr. Vesey Fitzgerald, will stand. Mr. Vandeleur, brother to the Judge,
      has also decided his intention of officiating himself. Other names have been
      mentioned but it would be premature to state them. Mr. Vesey Fitzgerald is
      certain of his return.

      Sir Vere Hunt starts again, we understand, for this County. He will be
      supported by the Limerick and Independent Interest. O'Grady and Fitzgibbon
      will struggle hard. Every thing, in short, promises a severe and protracted

      This City will be contested between the Independents and Lord Gort. We
      have no doubt of the success of the former; and we shall have, we are
      certain, to congratulate the Citizens of Limerick on the return of one of
      the few efficient Members of Parliament that Ireland sends to the
      Legislature. We need not name Mr. Spring Rice.

      There will be infallibly a hot contest in this County. The sitting
      Members are Daly and Martin; one of the new Candidates is Lambert; he is
      said to enter the field under the auspices of Lord Clanricarde, and is
      called his man. We own we do not like to see a Peer take so prominent a part
      in a popular Election. Mr. Daly is said to be the man in danger.

      This town will also be contested with the Corporation. Mr. Thomas
      Martin, of Ballinahinch Castle, will endeavour to open the Borough. -
      Knowing, as we do, the man, and quite satisfied of his political and
      personal integrity, we wish him success; and we think, if the cards are well
      played, he will have it.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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