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!! Ballina Chronicle; March 20, 1850 "The Army ; The Church"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, March 20, 1850 THE ARMY Captain Scott, Kings Dragoon Guards, senior of his rank, is gezetted by purchase to
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, March 20, 1850

      THE ARMY
      Captain Scott, Kings Dragoon Guards, senior of his rank, is gezetted by purchase to the Majority of the Regiment, and the next senior, Lieutenant O'Callaghan to the command of a troop.
      The Coloneley of the 43d Light Infantry is vacant by the death of Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sir Hercules R. Packenham, who entered the army as Ensign in July 1803.
      Lord George Paget, Lieut. Col. 4th Dragoons, is shortly to be married to the daughter of Lord Castlemaine.
      Wednesday was the anniversary of the defeat of the French before Alexandria, in 1801, by the late General Sir Ralph Abercromby.
      The command of the 5th Light Dragoons, Athlone, in the absence of the held officers, has devolved upon Capt,. Halkett.
      Major De Salis and Captain Lord Killeen, 8th Hussars, rejoin from leave on the 31st, when the Regiment embarks at Dublin en route to Brighton.
      Captain and Brevet Lt. Col. Gough, 3d Light Dragoons, is to exchange with Captain Napier, to enable the former to resume his appointment of Quarter Master General to the Queen's troops in India.
      Lieutenant Nolan, Riding Master to the 15th Hussars, has purchased his troop in the Regt.
      Lieut. Cookes, 3d Light Dragoons, on the Recruiting staff in London, is nominated to an unattached company by purchase.
      Capt. Sharp, 72d, who served in the war in China, with the 26th, has purchased his Majority in the 72d. Captain Robinson, 72d held that rank seven years before Major Sharp entered the army as Ensign!
      The Depot Paymaster 72d is vacant by the promotion of Lieut. Rocke to a company.
      A Troop Sergeant Major of the 4th Dragoon Guards has purchased his Ensigncy in the 2d West.
      The 21st Fusiliers move from Edinburgh to Glasgow on the 5th April.
      Captain Scott, 51st Light Infantry, sold out of the service on Friday.
      Ensign Baillie, 51st, has purchased his Lieutenancy after twelve months, over half a dozen senior officers.
      Lord Lurgan has held the commission of Ensign in three Regiments in three months, 43d, 76th and 16th.
      Major-General James Ferguson gets one of the two vacant regiments.
      Lieut. Ashworth, 19th, has arrived from Canada, to succeed Ensign Lidwell as Depot Adjutant.
      Lt. Col. Orange, 67th, is about to retire by the sale of his commission.
      Drafts of the 5th, 20th, 45th, 97th, and 2nd Rifle Brigade, are under orders to join their service companions.

      The Bishop of Down has appointed the Rev. Robert Parke of the living held by the late Rev. Mr. Archer of Hilltown.
      The Rev. Robert Vance is nominated by the Earl of Meath to the living of St. Catherine, Dublin.
      The Rev. Robert Charles Barclay, A.B., is licensed to the curacy of Kilbroney, diocese of Dromore.
      The Rev. Anthony Lefroy Courtenay has been appointed domestic chaplain to the Earl of Hardwicke.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News

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