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History Scrapbooks - Runaway Ads 1753

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    February 6, 1753 The Pennsylvania Gazette RUN away from his bail, in the township of Salisbury, Lancaster County, in the province of Pennsylvania, A man named
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      February 6, 1753
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      RUN away from his bail, in the township of Salisbury,
      Lancaster County, in the province of Pennsylvania, A man named
      James Douglass, between 30 and 40 years of age, of middle
      stature, pale complexion: Had on when he went away, An old felt
      hat, worsted cap, an old brown coat, piecin several places,
      two blue jackets, one of a lighter blue than the other, two
      check shirts, the neck and sleeves of one of the shirts is
      different from the body, sheepskin breeches, flower about the
      button holes, sky blue stockings, pretty good shoes,
      without buckles; has a wart under his left ear; and is a great
      snuff taker: He took a pocket pistol with him. He came from
      Ireland last year, and has a receipt that he got from Mr. Knox,
      in Londonderry, when he paid his passage; and supposed he
      will pass by it. Whoever takes up and secures the said James
      Douglass, so as the subscriber may have him again, shall have
      Three Pounds as a reward, paid by me WILLIAM McCANANT.

      January 31, 1753.

      September 6, 1753
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Chester, August 31, 1753.
      There is now in the goal of Chester (taken up as a runaway)
      One William Mooney, about 21 years old, about 5 feet 7 inches
      high, smooth faced, his hair off, has neither wig nor cap: has
      an old hat, blue camblet coat, and an old bearskin ditto, with
      metal buttons, check shirt, coarse trowsers, buckskin
      breeches, and old shoes and stockings; says he came from the
      county of Meath, in Ireland; has been in the country six
      years, and severed four years to one George Croghan, six miles
      beyond John Harrisferry. He has with him, when taken, A
      dark brown horse, about 8 or 9 years old, a star in his
      forehead, long switch tail, never docked, a brand on the near
      buttock, but so blind as not to be known what it is; an old
      saddle without housings, and an old snaffle bridle. Whoever
      the said Mooney, or the said horse, may belong to, are
      requested to come and prove their property, otherwise he will
      be sold out to pay costs. SAMUEL SMITH, Goal keeper.

      October 25, 1753
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Baltimore County, Maryland, October 18, 1743 [sic].
      RUN away from the subscribers, on Sunday, the 14th inst. Three
      servant men; Michael French, a tall sprightly young fellow,
      has dark eyes and eye brows, round visage, and smooth face; he
      came out of Ireland 7 years ago; is now about 20 years of age,
      and is pretty smart in his speech or conversation: Had on when
      he went away, A dark colour cloth vest, and breeches,
      ozenbrigs trowsers over his breeches, dark wig, castor hat,
      light colour grey worsted stockings, ozenbrigs shirt, and a
      white linen ditto; likely he took several other things

      James Brannon, an Irishman born, about 20 years of age,
      has been much afflicted with the kick kicksey and jaundice,
      and, if observed is much scarr about the arms, and many
      other parts of his body, smooth face, short stature, and brown
      complexion: Had on when he went away, a cloth coat, linen
      vest and breeches, country linen thread stockings; has a pair
      of pistols, a cutlash, a green sword belt, and sundry other
      things unknown. He professes to be a Schoolmaster, and
      supposed he will write passes for them all.

      Henry Tedder, was born in Essex, in England, about 30
      years of age; he was brought up a Gardiner, and has been a
      soldier in the Kingservice, and sometimes pretends to show
      poppits; about 5 feet 8 inches high, swarthy complexion,
      pretty round visage, dark eyes and eye brows, flattish nose,
      and pretty wide mouth, talks pretty quick, and snaps his eyes
      when he talks much, which he is apt to do; much given to
      drink: Had on when he went away, a red napped vest, with
      metal buttons, striped holland breeches, light grey worsted
      stockings, new pumps, castor hat, 2 check shirts, and may have
      sundry other things unknown to us. Whoever takes up said
      servants, and secures them, so as the owners may have them
      again, shall have Five Pounds reward for each of them, paid in
      the currency of the province where they are taken, by JOHN
      HALL, and JACOB GILES.

      November 22, 1753
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Philadelphia, Nov. 22, 1753.
      RUN away from the subscribers, on Monday the 19th inst. A
      servant boy, named Patrick Roach, about 18 years of age, a
      short thick fellow: Had on when he went away, Blue jacket and
      breeches, yarn stockings, old shoes, too big for him, and
      coarse yarn cap; he of a pale complexion, and has a down
      look. Whoever takes up said servant, and secures him, so as
      his masters may have him again, shall have Twenty Shillings
      reward, paid by Josiah and Carpenter.

      P.S. He came in this spring from Ireland, in the snow
      Dispatch, Capt. Haney.
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