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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 13, 1824 "Galway Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, September 13, 1824 Lessee John Burke } TO be Let, for the Month, a. } subject to redemption,
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      Galway, September 13, 1824

      Lessee John Burke } TO be Let, for the Month,
      a. } subject to redemption, the
      Ejector. } Lands of CHURCHPARK, as
      ____________________} lately held by Walter Lambert,
      Esq. in the Barony of Tyaquin, and County of Galway; also, the part of
      KNOCKBRACK, containing about 100 acres of good Sheep Walk.
      Proposals to Michael Dowdall, Esq. Tyaquin, Monivae.
      John W. Browne, Esq. Plaintiff's Solicitor.
      September 9, 1824

      TO BE LET
      Pending the Minority of three years, from first November next,
      In the whole or in separate Divisions,
      With the Adjoining Lands.
      Of superior quality as a Sheep-Walk, highly sheltered, well
      sub-divided, and situate within one mile of the Fair Green of Ballinasloe.
      No preference, except to the fairest bidder.
      Proposals in writing only post-paid, will be received by Mrs. Kelly, at
      Kellysgrove, or Major Cruise, at Ballinasloe.
      The tenant or tenants will be declared on Saturday, 9th October next.
      September 13, 1824.

      WANTED, £300
      UPON a Mortgage of Lands and Premises, situate in the County of the
      Town of Galway, held by Lease of Lives renewable for ever, and of Houses
      held for a term of 99 years, situate in the Town of Galway. - These
      Properties yield of considerable Profit Rent. - Application to be made to
      Mr. Robert Power, Dominick-street, Galway.
      September 9, 1824

      There is a very extensive parish about the New Quay, in which the
      people are all comparatively wealthy. The spiritual care of a large
      congregation is entrusted to the Rev. Mr. Geoghegan, a Clergyman of
      exemplary character; but, who, we do not find, has done any thing as yet to
      forward the "Catholic Rent" in his district. If we looked through the entire
      Kingdom, we could scarcely discover another parish which exhibits the
      working of the system more glaringly than that to which we allude. It pays
      an immense revenue in Tithes, and discharges every demand for building
      Churches and Glebes, at the same time that there does not live within the
      entire parish a Protestant but ONE!- that three is not a single Protestant
      Church or Glebe-house in it - and that the Parson, the Rev. Mr. Cassidy,
      lives in France- some thousand miles from the place where he ought to
      reside. Now, if this is not monstrous and well-calculated to make people run
      mad, why we cannot tell what is. And yet, with all this just under their
      eyes, do these people keep back, and suffer places of less suffering to go
      before them. We expect that our hint will be taken, and that we shall not be
      obliged to repeat it. We entreat of the Reverend Clergyman (as we shall of
      some others too) to explain to his flock the nature of the Rent measure -
      the people have energy and inclination - they only require to be reminded of
      their sufferings.

      We are informed that during Mr. Kean's stay in Galway for the last
      week, some unknown villain or villains, for purposes which no one can
      divine, cut and destroyed the panels of his carriage. Any thing more wicked,
      more unjustifiable, or outrageous, we have never heard; - a Gentleman of
      acknowledged talents - mild and affable demeanour - unconnected with the
      place - a stranger too, to be that wantonly insulted, without any viable
      cause on earth, appears to us the very achme of villainy, and leaves little
      doubt upon our mind but that the perpetrator will mount still higher in
      crime until the law may interfere and cut short his wicked career. Several
      highly respectable Gentlemen have proposed setting a subscription on foot
      for the discovery of the persons concerned in this treacherous piece of
      mischief; and we have little doubt that their object will be fully achieved.
      We call upon the authorities to use their vigilance on this occasion.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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