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History Scrapbooks - Runaway Ads 1752

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    January 14, 1752 The Pennsylvania Gazette Run away from his master, William Vogan, weaver, of Sadsbury township, Lancaster county, in the province of
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      January 14, 1752
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Run away from his master, William Vogan, weaver, of Sadsbury
      township, Lancaster county, in the province of Pennsylvania,
      on the 4th instant, one Michael Hunt, from Waterford in
      Ireland, he is a three year servant, about 25 years of age, a
      stout made fellow, broad shoulder, broad face, heavy brow,
      and long black hair, about five feet three inches high: took
      with him when he went away, a linsey woolsey white blanket,
      two old cloth jackets, dark brown coat, blue stuff jacket,
      with hair buttons, buckskin breeches, without buttons at the
      knees, two pair of grey colour stockings, and two coarse
      linnen shirts. Whoever takes up and secures aid servant, so as
      his master may have him again, shall have Forty Shillings
      reward, paid by WILLIAM VOGAN.

      N.B. The said servant served four years with David Rees,
      of Newtown township, in the said province, and is supposed to
      make off to the Jerseys, in or about Woodbridge, where he has
      some Acquaintance.

      July 23, 1752
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Run away on the 21st inst. from David Crawford, of Springfield
      township, Chester county, a servant man, named Robert Porter,
      born in the north of Ireland, about 5 feet 7 inches high, pale
      visage, fair skin, his head shaved, slender made, with an
      innocent countenance": Had on when he went away, a cotton
      jacket, and drawers, check, but the colour is scarce
      discernable now, pretty good felt hat, and white shirt.
      Whoever secures said servant, sot that his master may have him
      again, shall have Thirty Shillings reward, paid by DAVIS

      N.B. All masters of vessels are forbid to carry him off at
      their peril.

      August 6, 1752
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Philadelphia, July 31, 1752.
      Run away from the subscribers, living in the Forks of
      Gunpowder, in Baltimore county, Maryland, the 19th instant,
      the following servants, viz. John Jebb, a convict servant man,
      large and well made, about 30 years of age, fresh complexion:
      Had on when he went away, a new felt hat, grey wig, red coat,
      and a white fustian frock, flowervest, two or three holland
      shirts, ruffled at the bosom, blue cloth breeches, and blue
      ribbstockings: He is a shoemaker by trade, but understands
      farming, and was born in Shropshire, in England. Also Thomas
      Robinson, a convict servant man, about 30 years of age, he is
      tall, and of a very dark complexion, with a down look: Had on
      when he went away, a felt hat, brown wig, blue pea jacket, a
      check and a white shirt, petticoat trowsers, blue stockings,
      and a pair of old pumps, and was born in Yorkshire in England.
      Likewise Peter Campbell, a convict servant man, well set, 5
      feet 4 inches high: Had on when he went away, a brown kersey
      jacket, with flat metal buttons, yellow leather breeches, a
      pair of pumps, with steel buckles, castor hat, and three pair
      of grey yarn stockings: He was born in Ireland, but talks good
      English. Whoever takes up the said servants, and brings them
      home to the subscribers, shall have Two Pistoles for each, if
      taken in Baltimore county; but if taken out of Baltimore
      county, Three Pistoles; and if out of Maryland, Four Pistoles
      for each, paid by John Grinef Howard, Daniel Pocock senior,
      and William Watkins.

      N.B. The above mention servants have two guns, and some
      money, with them, and supposed they will sell their guns,
      and change their names and cloathing, and pass for labourers
      or sailors.

      September 14, 1752
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Ran away on Monday night last, from Joseph Sinclair,
      heelmaker, of this city , a servant man, named Joseph Lyon,
      about [ ] years of age, a likely young fellow, and fair
      complexion: Had on when he went away, a brown cut wig, a light
      colourbear skin [ ], a white corded demity waistcoat, blue
      cloth breeches, and linnen trowsers, a pair of light blue
      worsted stockings, new [ ] check shirt, and took three more
      with him: he came in with Capt. McCarty, about 2 years ago,
      from Ireland. Whoever takes up and secures the said servant,
      so that his master may have him again, shall have Three Pounds
      reward, and reasonable charges, paid by JOSEPH SINCLAIR.

      N.B. he was seen to go over the Lower ferry the same
      night: a ship mate lives a Mr. William Peters, over
      December 26, 1752
      The Pennsylvania Gazette

      Chester, December 18, 1752.
      RUN aways in Chester county goal, viz. Andrew Dun, born in
      Ireland, as he says; he was bought by one Joshua Roberts, in
      West New Jersey, and sold by the said Roberts to one William
      Walker, in Northampton township, Burlington province
      aforesaid. Thomas Wood, an Englishman, 19 years of age, a
      short set fellow, about 5 feet 5 inches high, swarthy
      complexion; pretends to be a sailor: Had on when committed, n
      iron collar about his neck; brought with him a brown gelding,
      and says his mastername is John Smith, and lives in
      Maryland, within four miles of Patapsco. Joseph Simmonds, born
      in England, in the city of Norwich, 20 years of age, of a
      sandy complexion, and says he runaway from one John Boham, in
      Lancaster county. Brickmaker by trade. David Greenwood, about
      60 years of age, born in England, and speaks broad English, a
      weaver by trade, a lusty big boned man, and says he has been
      in the country 11 years, but will not give any account where
      he lived, or from whence he came. These are to desire the
      owners to come and pay the charges, otherwise they will be
      sold out for their keeping.

      WILLIAM HAY, Goal Keeper.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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