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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 6, 1824 "Provincial News - Limerick"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, September 6, 1824 PROVINCIAL NEWS LIMERICK, SEPT 1. - Mr. Nimmo is engaged this week in projecting a road between the intended
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      Galway, September 6, 1824


      LIMERICK, SEPT 1. - Mr. Nimmo is engaged this week in projecting a
      road between the intended New Bridge in this City and Ennis.
      A Police Magistrate will be stationed at Tomgrany, County Clare. We
      understand that Major Warburton's brother is the Gentleman selected.
      The Bridge Commissioners, yesterday, received a letter from Mr.
      Secretary Gregory, acknowledging their invitation to the Lord Lieutenant to
      lay the first stone of the building, but his Excellency has not yet fixed
      any period for this visit.
      Shehan, the informer against the murderers of Mr. Crofts, and who
      escaped from the Police at Doneraile, died at Naddanulla, in the Brogga
      mountains, on the 12th ult.
      Thomas Spring Rice, Esq. M.P. left Limerick on Thursday for London, in
      consequence of the sudden and alarming illness of Lady Theodosia Rice.
      LIMERICK, SEPT. 4. - At the Court of Petty Sessions on Wednesday, Mr.
      Brady, on the part of the Agricultural Society of this County, brought
      forward charges against different defaulters, for non-payment of money, lent
      them for the encouragement of industry. Warrants were issued against them.
      Fever is alarmingly on the increase in Limerick. Thursday, twelve
      persons were admitted, and the number in fever on Wednesday evening was 107.
      Yesterday evening five cars arrived here from Dunmore, laden with the
      apparatus for raising and depressing the diving bell.
      Yesterday a drunken fellow, living in one of the lanes of the
      Irishtown, on his return home from a mid day debauch, beat his son, who
      remonstrated with him on the impropriety of his conduct, with a heavy stick
      to such a degree, that it is feared his skull is fractured. The monster also
      knocked him down and literally danced on him!
      Yesterday, sixteen young boys on their way from the Foundling Hospital,
      James's-street, Dublin, to Shannon-grove, passed through this City.
      Thursday, Mr. Daxon's Giles and Mr. Kirwan's Hohenlobe, arrived in this
      City, preparatory to the ensuing Races; they are to remain a short time at
      Ballinaguard. It is expected that there will be a greater number of first
      rate horses this season than for the last five or six years. The high
      respectability of the Stewards will, we are confident, endure the utmost
      regularity and order during the week.
      DOGS - Thursday, a dog belonging to a man who usually takes his stand
      near the Skie & Hide Crane, West Water-gate, bit the horse of a carman
      severely. The carman states, that it is customary with the owners of this
      dog to set him at horses. Monday or Tuesday, a large dog in the island, bit
      a young girl named Margaret Lee; the wound at first seemed inclined to heal
      but has since begun to fester. These dogs ought, in the first instance, to
      be killed, and their owners fined the full penalty under the Road Act.
      Last week, a son of Mr. Lucas, Apothecary, Cork, while labouring under
      typhus fever, escaped the vigilance of his attendants, and in a moment of
      delirium, threw himself out of an upper window and was killed on the spot.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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