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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 2, 1824 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, September 2, 1824 LINEN TRADE - On Tuesday last, pursuant to appointment by P. Bernard, Esq. of the Linen Board, a meeting was
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      Galway, September 2, 1824

      LINEN TRADE - On Tuesday last, pursuant to appointment by P. Bernard, Esq.
      of the Linen Board, a meeting was held in the Court-house, Newcastle, which was
      attended by the Ladies and Gentleman of the town and vicinity, together with the
      weavers and other persons interested in the Linen Trade. Mr. Bernard addressed
      the meeting in a most clear and impressive manner, and earnestly recommended the
      establishment of a Linen Market, to be held weekly. He stated, in consequence of
      the poverty of the weavers, that a loan should be procured to enable them to
      purchase thread, &c. He said that the town and neighbourhood of Newcastle would
      be greatly benefited by adopting the system recommended by the Board. In part of
      the North of Ireland there were upwards of seven hundred people to the square
      mile, all industrious and comfortable; while in part of the County of Clare,
      where the manufacture of flax is not attended to, although there are not more
      than two hundred people to the square mile, they are nearly all paupers. Mr.
      Bernard, accompanied by a Dutch boy, proceeded to a field of flax belonging to
      Mr. Furlong, where he explained to a concourse of people, the method of
      preparing flax according to the Dutch system.--Observer.

      LINEN TRADE, FLAX, &c.
      The crop of flax this year is abundant and good throughout the County; and
      we are happy to hear that the experiment which his Grace, the Archbishop of
      Tuam, with his usual benevolent attention to every thing concerning the
      improvement of our peasantry undertook to make, has exceeded beyond any person's
      expectations. His Grace took about five acres of land, on which he sowed equal
      quantities of Dutch, Riga, American and home-saved seed; this crop has been
      pulled, and t he return of the home-saved is better and more abundant than any
      others- a manifest proof not only that we need not, but that we ought not, to
      send any of our capital out of the country, on account of those articles of
      necessary consumption. There is a person now there from the Linen Board, for the
      purpose of rippling, steeping, &c. in the new mode, which the neighbouring
      peasantry, of course, will observe and imitate.
      Between the hours of one and two o'clock on Sunday morning, as Mr.
      M'Naughten, of Grafton-street, was returning to town, he was stopped on the
      Donnybrook road, near Leeson-street, by three men and a woman, and robbed of a
      valuable silver watch and gold seal. He was held by the woman and one of the
      men, while the other two men committed the felony. He was prevented from
      apprehending one of the robbers by the woman; he however succeeded in securing
      her, and charged her on the Watch. She was brought to College-street Office,
      where she gave in her name as Jane Sunderland. She was fully committed to
      Newgate to take her trial.

      Mr. Burke, our Mayor, has taken off the streets and committed to prison
      about 30 of the most notorious vagrants who have frequented our streets; and
      will indict them as such at our next General Assizes. Mr. Burke's activity on
      this occasion is indeed very praiseworthy.

      Arrived, this day, his Majesty's gun-brig Plumper, Lieut. Hutchinson,
      Commander. This meritorious and active Officer has, we are glad to find, been
      again appointed to this station, where his former services ( for nearly four
      years in the protection of the fisheries) have been so efficient and
      praiseworthy.- It had been the intention of the respectable inhabitants of this
      place to forward to the Board of Admiralty a memorial, praying his
      re-appointment; but the high sense entertained by the Board of his zeal and
      services, rendered this application unnecessary.
      On Tuesday, his Majesty's brig of war Harlequin, Captain Weeks, from a
      cruise. Previous to the arrive of the Harlequin our Roads, she fell in with the
      sloop Liberty, of this Port, the crew of which vessel Captain Weeks kindly
      accommodated with provisions, water, &c.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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