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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 2, 1824 "Provincial Intelligence"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, September 2, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE Saturday Thomas Lynch was executed in front of the Waterford County Gaol, pursuant to
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      Galway, September 2, 1824

      Saturday Thomas Lynch was executed in front of the Waterford County Gaol,
      pursuant to sentence at last Assizes, for having, on the 12th of April, at
      Crahane, assaulted Anna Geogan, and robbed her of money and wearing apparel.

      On Saturday, at three o'clock, Mr. Justices Jebb and Vandeleur left Cork,
      under an escort of the 15th Hussars, after terminating the Munster circuit.

      A Waterford paper of Saturday, in speaking of the execution of the six
      criminals for the murder of Mr. Marum, states - "We have heard of very
      unpleasant indications of popular resentment both at Kilkennys and at Galmoy. It
      was a melancholy coincidence that very near the temporary gallows, and within
      sight, was a similar construction for a like purpose in a neighbouring part of
      the Queen's County."

      LIMERICK, Aug 28 - An order has been received to commute the sentence of
      death on the following, who were convicted at one of our last County Assizes: -
      Richard Green and John Armstrong, of the 29th Regiment, for robbery at
      Rathkeale, to 12 months' imprisonment; John Kennedy, for robbing the mother of a
      soldier of the Rifles, to 18 months; John and Patrick Croneen, sheep-stealing,
      18 months.

      At Tralee Assizes - Timothy Foley and Michael Coffey, for robbery, and
      Daniel Hanifane for a rape on a girl whom he has since married, are to be
      transported for life.

      A new barn, near Ballybroad, the property of Wm. Gabbett, of Caherline,
      Esq, was maliciously set fire to this morning, by some evil-minded persons. The
      only cause that can be assigned for this outrage is, that it has been fitted up
      this week for the reception of some of the Constabulary force. This outrage has
      taken place in the barony of Clanwilliam, which has been lately relived from the
      Insurrection Act, at the instance of the Magistrates.

      Wexford, Aug 25 - ABOMINABLE OUTRAGE - Four cows were poisoned on Friday
      night, at Red Bog, in this County; they belonged to a man named Kehoe. Two of
      the animals were opened by Dr. Bomford, whose inspection of these fully
      confirmed the suspicion which had been entertained of the abominable nature of
      the outrage. Kehoe had taken his farm against the will of another person.

      On Saturday were committed to gaol, by Arch. H. Jacob, Esq., Francis
      Jourdan and Bridget Jourdan, his wife, the former charged with having robbed Mr.
      James Kenworthy, of London, merchant, of a considerable sum of money - the
      latter on suspicion of having aided and assisted him in the robbery. The
      prisoners were servants to Mr. Kenworthy, the sum of money stolen from whom
      amounted to upwards of two hundred sovereigns. Nearly the whole of the money
      has, we believe, been discovered; nine of the sovereigns were found in the
      pocket of the female prisoner. They were taken on Friday evening to Enniscorthy,
      Jourdan's mother or mother-in-law accompanying them. In the morning, one of the
      policemen, hearing her cry with her hands to her face, "Oh, what will I do? what
      shall become of me? I shall never see him again!" caught hold of her by the
      cloak and pulling her back, exclaimed, "Get out of this you old b--ch" The good
      old woman took his advice, and in a short time finding that her clothes were
      incommoding her, threw part of them off, which some country people perceiving,
      as also the accelerated progress she was making, set up the cry of "a mad
      woman," and instantly gave chase. In this they were joined by Mr. Gowan, who was
      the first that overtook her, unluckily for himself as she gave him "a tip" that
      would not have disgraced the the school of a Langan or a Crib. It measured the
      length upon the ground, from which he arose only to be floored a second time
      with equal dexterity. But what can science or valour avail against numbers? The
      other persons who were in pursuit having come up, they found that their eyes had
      deceived them, as much as those of the travellers who were disputing about the
      changes of the camelion, for this nimble-footed, science-fisted old woman proved
      to be no other than Mr. Jourdan himself.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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