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!! Connaught Journal; Sep 2, 1824 "Military Promotions"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, September 2, 1824 MILITARY PROMOTIONS War - Office August 20, 1824 Royal Regiment of Horse Guards - Ensign Lord Charles James Fox
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      Galway, September 2, 1824

      War - Office August 20, 1824
      Royal Regiment of Horse Guards - Ensign Lord Charles James Fox Russell,
      from half-pay 48th Foot, to be Cornet, vice John Bridgman Simpson, who
      exchanges, receiving the difference.
      4th Regiment of Light Dragoons - Assistant Surgeon Wm Thompson, M.D. from
      the 59th Foot, to be Surgeon, vice Todd deceased.
      15th Ditto - Captain Henry Lane to be Major, by purchase, vice Booth, who
      Lieutenant Grenville Temple to be Captain, by purchase, vice Lane.
      Cornet Geo. Musgrave to be Lieutenant, vice Temple.
      John Shelly, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Musgrave.
      8th Regiment of Foot- Ensign James Byron from half pay 42nd Foot, to be
      Ensign, vice A. Thompson, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
      51st Ditto - Lieutenant C.W. Tyndale, to be Capt. by purchase, vice James
      Ross, who retires.
      68th Ditto - Ensign Peter Bernard from half-pay 16th Foot, to be Ensign,
      vice R.W. Bennett, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
      83d Ditto - Lieutenant John Huggerston, from the Ceylon Regiment, to be
      Lieutenant, vice Driberg, who exchanges.
      Rifle-Brigade - Lieutenant Molloy, to be Captain without purchase, vice
      Skeill deceased.
      Second Lieutenant Alex. Maclachlan to be First Lieutenant, vice Molloy.
      Charles Bagot, Esq, Page of Honor to the King, to be Second Lieutenant,
      vice Maclachlan.
      2d West Indian Regiment - Assistant Staff Surgeon Bryan O'Beirne to be
      Surgeon, vice Ritchie, deceased.
      Ceylon Regiment - Lieutenant Wm. Driberg, from the 83d Foot, to be
      Lieutenant, vice Haggerston, who exchanges.
      Cape Corps (Cavalry) - Brevet-Major Alex Charles Crauford, form the 12th
      Light Dragoons, to be Major by purchase, vice Somerset, promoted.
      1st Royal Veteran Battalion - Ensign John Montgomery Russell from half-pay
      6th Foot, to be Ensign, (repaying the difference he had received upon exchanging
      to half-pay), vice Peter Kerr, who retires to his former situation on the
      Retired List.
      Veteran Companies for Service at Newfoundland - Brevet Lieut. Colonel,
      Thomas Kirwan Burke, from half-pay Dillon's Regiment, to be Major.
      To be Captain - Captain Wm. Pilkington, form half-pay 5th Garrison
      Battalion; Capt. Mark Radkin, from half-pay, 1??th Foot.
      To be Lieutenants - Lieutenant Dogald Campbell, from half-pay 72d Foot.
      Lieutenant Henry Croly, from half-pay 81st Foot.
      Lieutenant Robert Gumbleton Daunt, from half-pay 62d Foot.
      Lieutenant George Adamson Stanley, from half-pay 15th Foot.
      Lieutenant William Dunne, from half-pay 25th Foot.
      Lieutenant Frederick Lenox Ingall, from half-pay 10th Foot.
      To be Ensigns - Ensign Wm. Augustus Clarke, from half-pay, 50th Foot.
      Ensign J. Philpot, form half-pay 62d Foot.
      Ensign J. Walker, from half-pay, 90th Foot.
      Royal Military College - Captain Peter H. Cline, to be Superintendent of
      Gymnastic Exercises, with the rank and pay of Captain in the Army while so
      BREVET - Alexander Nicoll, late a Serjeant in the 49th Foot, and Fort
      Adjutant in Canada, to have the rank of Ensign while so employed.
      HOSPITAL STAFF - Staff Surgeon Jame D. Tully to be Deputy Inspectors of

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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