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Historical Scrapbooks - 1798 Rebellion

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Albany Centinel June 8, 1798 IRELAND Dublin, April 2 Government in this kingdom had for a long time submitted to the violence of its enemies and the reproaches
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      Albany Centinel
      June 8, 1798

      Dublin, April 2
      Government in this kingdom had for a long time submitted to the violence of
      its enemies and the reproaches of its friends. It contented itself with adhering
      to the rules of our constitution, and the forms of our law, in favor of those
      who preached up one as a mockery and the other as an abomination. It rested in
      an unaccountable reserve, and looked only to positive statues and established
      maxims, while magistrates were murdered -while witnesses were undergoing
      assassination -while juries were intimidated - while nocturnal house breaking,
      pillage and bloodshed, formed the common subject of correspondence and
      conversation. It was thus tame and suffered all who wished it well to suffer in
      person or in mind until the constitution of king, lords, and commons, became the
      common scoff of the vulgar - until no magistrates could be found to act - until
      no juries could be found to discharge the obligation of an oath - until country
      and town were filled with assassinations, many committed at noon day - and
      until, as a consequence of this mistaken clemency, the rebels were enabled to
      take the field, and shocking to a standard, to declare against the King, and in
      favour of the French.
      Gen. Abercromby has headed the Royal Force as commander in chief. It would
      be indecorous to anticipate the official statements of so able an officer, by
      reports, however credibly made or respectably authenticated. As yet nothing more
      has taken place, then deserves the name of skirmishing -but it is certain that
      the rebels have dared to appear in force, though they have not ventured to risk
      the consequence of a general engagement. Whenever his majesty's troops have
      advanced, after a show of hostility, and an exchange of fire for a few minutes,
      the rebels have retreated in confusion and dismay.
      The best effects are already felt from the proclamation issued by
      government, in consequence of the rebellion; confidence has revived - contracts
      are entered into - the funds have risen, and the public are generally impressed
      with an idea, that the trade of assassination, and the reign of terror, are at
      an end.

      Albany Centinel
      July 5, 1798

      Dublin, April 18
      At a moment so awfully critical as the present, when rebellion has dared to
      shew its head in various parts of the kingdom- and when the French are openly
      and avowedly making the most formidable preparations for invasion, the conduct
      of certain characters might be expected to take an active part on the side of
      their sovereign and country, is a subject of general speculation. Cold -
      reserved - inactive, not disapproving by words or deeds the progress of treason
      to all other men, with the insensibility of muscovites. We do not say that the
      public have a right to demand an explanation of their motives for so strange a
      torpor, when every man who means to oppose the rebels, and the French is
      sensibly alive to the dangers with which we are threatened; but this obvious
      truth flashes on every mind-if we should perish in the conflict, they will merit
      eternal and the blackest reproach- and if the constitution of Kings, Lords, and
      Commons shall survive the storm which is gathering to cover them all with one
      destruction, they will be entitled to no thanks.
      It is said that in Limerick, twenty united men came voluntarily forward and
      took the oath of allegiance, declaring that they had no arms concealed. - By way
      of proving their sincerity, their houses were searched, and arms found in them
      all. This will shew what will be the consequent of lenient measures
      indiscriminately pursued.
      A remarkable instance of the treachery and cowardice of the United Irishmen
      (a name expressive of every thing which vitiate or degrade human nature) and the
      gallantry of a private of the 7th Dragoon Guards, occurred on Thursday night,
      near Philipstown, in the King's County - in a skirmish with 6, he dispatched 2,
      wounded a third and dispersed the rest.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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