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!! Freeman's Journal; Aug 7, 1917 "Sinn Fein"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    The Freeman s Journal And National Press Dublin: Tuesday, August 7, 1917 Price One Penny NOT READY FOR IT Sinn Fein Organiser s Fear of a General Election
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      The Freeman's Journal
      And National Press
      Dublin: Tuesday, August 7, 1917
      Price One Penny

      Sinn Fein Organiser's Fear of a General Election
      (Passed by Censor)
      Meath and Cavan Sin Feiners held a celebration on Sunday at St. Kiernan's
      Well, Carnaross, Kells, at which the Countess Marckievicz and Mr. Sean Milroy
      were the principal speakers.
      The Countess, who was introduced by the Rev. P. O'Farrell, P.P., Carnaross,
      advocated a discontinuance of the use of articles bearing tax, such as tobacco
      and drink and insisted that traders should be compelled to stock only articles
      of Irish manufacture.
      "You should see, " she concluded, "that all the members of your public
      boards are Sinn Feiners as well as your members of Parliament."
      Mr. Sean Milroy, who next addressed the meeting, said the only people to
      maintain peace in Ireland were the Irish people themselves. The moment the
      British Government took its departure from Ireland they would have a basis for
      real law and order, real prosperity and real peace.
      "I read with interest," he declared," in an evening paper where the
      revolutionaries in Russia are anxious to discuss the question of Ireland's
      sovereignty with the English representatives."
      As to the Peace Conference (which last week in Kilkenny he said held out a
      "sporting chance" of freedom for Ireland), Mr. Milroy said they had sufficient
      force in America to insure that President Wilson's message would find
      application to Ireland. The anxiety of the big Powers for freedom of the seas
      would also be a factor that would materially held Ireland.
      Discussing the need for financial support of the organisation, he said:-
      'We do not know how soon we may be fighting all over Ireland the same issue
      we fought in East Clare. If at the present time an election were sprung on us we
      would not be ready for it. There is no use in blinking the fact. We want a great
      deal more help and organisation. There are very strenuous and trying days before
      us, when many of us will have to make tremendous sacrifices, sacrifices upon
      which depend our success, and the extent of defeat Ireland's enemies must
      suffer." (Applause)
      A large number of priests were present on the platform. At the conclusion
      of the meeting an aeridheacht was held.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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